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10 Ways You Can Make $1,000/Mo

What would you do with an extra $1,000 passive income per month? Let’s face it, we all love making a couple extra bucks outside of our normal jobs and professions. Raking in some extra cash passively can help you earn a living or supplement your regular income.

By Mitran Vasile ClaudiuPublished about a year ago 12 min read

Your pick of a passive income concept will rely on what you enjoy and are able or willing to perform. You won’t need to invest as much time once your plan is operating. The majority of the strategies I’ll provide you will earn you thousands of dollars each month in passive income with minimal work. I have a buddy who began his career as a young economics trainee at a big company, but he always had a love for writing. He ultimately made the decision to launch a secondary blog for his freelance writing. After a few months, his passive income surpassed that of his 9–5 economics employment!He could have made even more money if he knew about other interesting passive income opportunities. And it is the main topic of this post.

This article reveals 10 ways you may get $1,000 per month in passive income. Most of these concepts are quite simple and enjoyable to implement. By selecting the orange button or the related image, you may access each unique guide on our blog for further information on each concept. Let’s start now.

1. Blogging

Blogging is a viable passive revenue source. By starting an internet blog and creating material, you may earn a solid living. What’s best? Blogging is simple. All you require is a decent camera, some writing fundamentals, and material. Blogging can help you generate a monthly passive income of more than $1,000. In their course Project 24, Jim and Rick from Income School show students how to increase their blogging income by using strategies they have been honing for more than ten years. Their 24-month curriculum includes a guide on how to earn over $7,000 a month through blogging.

Focus on producing amazing content if you want to start earning money from blogging passively. From there, you may start monetising your blog and earning money from it. For instance, in 2018, Rick and Jim made 54% of their passive revenue through affiliate marketing, 25% from memberships, 32% from adverts on one of their sites, and 25% selling info items. Your earning potential increases with the popularity of your blog.

When it comes to earning passive money, how passive is blogging? Blogging has the potential to be a relatively passive and scalable source of income. Running a profitable blog may earn you a nice living. Some bloggers who publish a few articles a week make more than $1,000 per month. A well-read blog is a fantastic passive revenue source that requires minimal effort.

2. eCommerce

For novices, eCommerce can be a terrific method to generate an additional $1,000 in passive income each month. To get started, all you need is a laptop and some fundamental business knowledge. eCommerce encompasses a broad range of concepts and markets, including, for instance, drop shipping, selling your own goods, flipping items on eBay, and print on demand. The options that exist with eCommerce for novices are described in the video below.

It will rely on your preferences to choose one that suits you. Ecwid is a fantastic starting point since it enables you to sell your own goods (physical or digital), drop ship, do print on demand, and sell on both Amazon and eBay at the same time. Ecwid also provides social eCommerce, enabling you to sell on your Instagram and Facebook company pages. thorough manuals appropriate for newcomers looking for e-commerce advice.

What percentage of eCommerce income is passive? Although there are different levels of passiveness available with eCommerce, these characteristics are typically true. As long as you have consistent revenue, eCommerce ideas like dropshipping and selling digital items may be quite passive. Make sure to pick a lucrative topic and products that will sell well to your target market if you want to increase your passive income.

3. 3D Printing

A great possibility for people searching for a reliable source of passive income is 3D printing. You might be unsure of how a 3D printer might generate income. To discover more, click on the guide below! We discuss many strategies for generating passive money from 3D printed goods. If you purchase your printer, this will have a hefty upfront cost. Online sales of 3D-printed goods would be a more economical strategy. Online 3D printed materials may be created and sold on a variety of venues. If you have these creative talents, you may also create your 3D prints and sell them to others. A good 3D printer may cost you a few thousand bucks but the returns can be there if you find the right niche for you.

It will rely on your preferences to choose one that suits you. Ecwid is a fantastic starting point since it enables you to sell your own goods (physical or digital), drop ship, do print on demand, and sell on both Amazon and eBay at the same time. Ecwid also provides social eCommerce, enabling you to sell on your Instagram and Facebook company pages. thorough manuals appropriate for newcomers looking for e-commerce advice.

When it comes to earning passive revenue, how passive is 3D printing? Particularly if you create and sell 3D-printed goods online, 3D printing is fairly passive. It may be a pleasant method to earn passive income, despite the fact that you require a lot of money to get started. Check out the tutorial on 3D printing passive income below for more details.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This concept can pique your attention if you have a strong interest in marketing. Become an affiliate marketer to earn $1,000 or more each month. As an affiliate marketer, you evaluate and promote goods and services on behalf of suppliers or sellers in exchange for a commission. You ought to pick a topic that truly interests you and that you would utilize. Affiliate marketing schemes are available for some items on websites like Amazon and Clickbank. The majority of programs give commissions of 20%, but for others they might be as high as 50%. (source). The platform you use, your compensation structure, and the price of the product are all important factors.

How passively can I earn $1000 using affiliate marketing? As long as you have high-quality, widely-read material that people can get via your affiliate links, online affiliate marketing is a passive method to earn money. You can chose to interact with your consumers face-to-face or elect to build blogs, YouTube channels, and social media profiles to help advertise your goods and services. This concept will ultimately help you make good money and build a sense of trust with your consumers. To get started, all you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and a specialized product or service.

5. Gaming

Are video games your favorite pastime? You may earn money while doing it, as it happens! Through websites like YouTube and Twitch, you may easily make more than $1,000 per month by playing video games online and receiving comments from other users. Even better, if you excel at it, you may enter competitions and win hundreds of thousands of dollars. After you gain more than 1000 users and accrue 4K view hours within a year, websites like YouTube let you monetize your account. By doing this, you may develop a passive income source that will enable you to get good passive revenue from advertising. As you increase your channel’s view time and subscriber base, a significant amount of early work will be required to earn money from gaming.Once you’re well established, you will start seeing the fruit of your labor. From there, you earn more money passively playing your favorite video games.

How passively can you make $1,000 a month playing video games? Making money with gaming is a relatively passive process. Many individuals are earning decent money by playing online games, and analysts anticipate that gaming will become one of the largest industries in the future. If you wish to generate additional passive revenue, you can choose to monetize your accounts. In our tutorial below, you can find out more about how to get passive money from gaming.

6. Ride Sharing

By providing ride-sharing services on platforms like Uber and others, you may generate income. Some users get almost $ 2000 monthly from providing ridesharing services with their vehicles (source). Today, more people are looking for passive income opportunities, while those who book the rides want to save money and enjoy the convenience. Before creating an Uber profile, you simply need to make sure that you satisfy the company’s admission standards. What’s best? You don’t need to leave your regular job because you can select when to work.

When it comes to generating cash, how passive is ridesharing? Given that you must drive, ride sharing is a somewhat passive kind of money generation. Since driving people around for a living requires active participation, you may hire a driver and make money from your car if you’re searching for something more passive. Additionally, if you are already making the travels, driving passengers on the ride you will already take is merely passively increasing your income.

7. Flipping Items Online

Flipping products on peer-to-peer websites like Craigslist may earn you a respectable living. You can sell nearly anything on these platforms, and many are making big money doing this. The idea is straightforward: purchase an item for less money, then sell it to another customer for more. The resources needed to launch and sustain this concept are minimal. You may even start with items you don’t use that are lying around your house. A laptop and a dependable internet connection are all you need to get started. Flipping products you discover at garage sales is a wonderful way to maximize your return on investment.

How passive is product flipping when earning $1,000 per month in passive income? Since you have to buy and sell things, flipping is a relatively passive revenue source. You might have to deal with refunds as well as dealing with various consumers on a daily basis. Making the process more passive involves finding a certain product that works well, repeating it, and outsourcing the job. Flipping things can let you start making passive money in only a few hours every week.

8. Copywriting

You may get a sizable amount of passive money by working as a copywriter. You have the option of earning money from your blog or writing for others. For those who want to make this concept even more passive, some will choose to establish agencies and write for customers. Before beginning their own blogs, a newcomer might consider freelancing to develop their talents. Most writing sites, like iWriter, provide a basic wage of $10 per hour for writers.

Using the Project 24 strategy, you may create blogs that generate up to $7k in passive revenue in a few years. To drive visitors to your website, you will need to provide high-quality content. Starting will demand a significant amount of your dedication, time, and work. It will be simpler to start outsourcing after you establish a clientele and start earning money.

How passively can someone earn money through copywriting? A somewhat passive source of income is copywriting. While sourcing for material to create, you must often communicate with customers. You will have to put in a lot of work at first to build up your material if you start your own blog. More than $1,000 may be earned each month by a skilled copywriter. See our advice on earning money writing text below.

9. Selling On eBay

A fantastic approach to increase your income or make ends meet is to sell some of your goods on eBay. Although many believe that since Amazon’s emergence, eBay has been on the decrease, it still boasts 180 million members as of 2019. (source). This number has a sizable market of potential customers that can help you generate some decent passive income. On eBay, some sellers earn millions of dollars, while the majority of active sellers only make a few hundred to several thousand dollars a month (source). Selling on eBay is simple since all you need are some dedication and fundamental business knowledge. Selling your goods on eBay might bring in more than $1,000 each month.

How passive is earning money with eBay sales as a passive income source? A rather passive approach to earn money is through eBay. You might need to communicate often with potential clients and handle refunds. This may require a few hours every week. If you want to profit more from this business, make sure your items are of great quality and in high demand. You could take into account using reputable websites like Terapeak and Google Trends, which offer an excellent platform for merchants seeking for online trending items to resell on eBay.

10. Rent A Friend Services

You may believe that this is a fun and simple approach to earn money. By signing up for any of the well-known and engaging online friend-renting sites, one may earn money. Although this might sound a little odd in Western nations, for instance, these kinds of services are fairly frequent and well-liked in Japan. For your services, certain websites like Rentafriend will pay you up to $ 50 per hour. All you have to do is spend some time with someone who needs a buddy. Travelers seeking for tour guides to show them around make up some of the users of these services. Others are senior citizens seeking for conversation partners.

How passive is the Rent a friend method of earning money? This approach comes out as somewhat passive. You’ll need to engage with people frequently to implement this concept. This is more of a side business because it may consume a lot of your time and attention. Naturally, refrain from engaging in criminal activity while with your new acquaintances. View our guide below to learn more.

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