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10 Ways to Get Blood Stains out of Everything

by Morgan E. Westling 3 years ago in how to

Whether you've cut your knee or your friend has bled on your brand new couch, here are some easy solutions to get blood stains out of everything.

If you need to get blood stains out of clothes, there are many different remedies you can try. To remove blood stains, you can try interesting remedies such as a meat tenderizer, salt water, enzyme-based cleaner (which breaks down the protein in stubborn stains), and laundry detergent. Depending on what surface you are trying to remove dried blood from, different remedies may work better than others to remove the stain effectively. Here are our best solutions to get blood stains out.

If you are trying to get blood stains out, try soaking the stain with a small amount of vinegar and a clean cloth before it sets. If you apply this natural cleaning solution minutes before the stain sets, it is much easier to remove stubborn stains. To remove dried blood, it can be much harder; however, vinegar might still do the trick if you try soaking the stain in the vinegar until the stain disappears.

Another interesting remedy you can try to get blood stains out is coca-cola. Coca-cola can be used to remove blood stains wherever you are, as you might not have any of these other remedies on hand quickly. Soaking the stain in coca-cola overnight will be the best way to remove dried blood so that you can prevent the setting of the stain in clothing or upholstery. Coca-cola breaks down the protein in the blood, and you will want to rinse with cold water once you are finished soaking the stain to remove the coca-cola from the area as well.

Ammonia is another great solution to get blood stains out because ammonia, when mixed with hot water or warm water, can remove the stain quickly from clothing or any other fabric. Remove blood stains quickly with this strong chemical, but make sure you only use a small amount, because ammonia can be dangerous and toxic. It may be helpful to know that ammonia is also good for removing urine and and sweat stains as well.

WD-40 can get blood stains out when it is used as a pre-treatment to normal laundry detergent and washing machine use. Spray WD-40 on stubborn stains minutes before throwing the fabric into the washing machine. This will help remove the stain in the washing process. Wash your clothes with hot water, and try to catch the stain before it has time to set in order to have the best results. WD-40 also works to get out difficult stains in fabrics such as lipstick, grease, and ink.

Hydrogen peroxide is helpful to get blood stains out when the blood is fresh, but it will not be helpful to remove dried blood. When using hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains, apply the solution to the stain with a clean cloth and clean with warm water until the stain disappears. Then, launder as usual. This cleaning hack will make your blood-stained clothing spotless.

Using cold salt water to get blood stains out is a great solution if you can catch the stain quickly. Don’t set the stain by putting anything on it to make the stain worse. Simply soak the item in cold salt water to remove the blood. Leave the fabric in the salt water for three or four hours before using your normal laundry detergent and sticking in the washing machine as usual. If you catch the stain before it has set for too long, then you will have a good chance of removing the blood from the fabric.

To get blood stains out with cornstarch, you will want to make a paste by mixing the cornstarch with cold water. Cover the blood stains with the cornstarch paste and rub it in to try and remove the blood stains from the fabric. You’ll want to let the paste dry on the fabric, so that the paste can pull the stain out of the fabric as it dries. Brush the remaining paste off the fabric once it has dried and analyze the fabric to see if the stain has been removed. If not, repeat the process until the stain is gone. Then, launder the fabric with laundry detergent as usual to get the cornstarch out of the clothing.

Using dishwashing detergent mixed with cold water is a good solution to get blood stains out, because dish detergent and dish soap both have strong ingredients meant for breaking down very greasy food and other chemicals. Simply scrub the fabric with a mix of detergent and cold water, then, wash the blood stained clothes in the washing machine as usual. Hopefully, if the stain has not set too much, this solution will work and get the blood stain out completely.

Like cornstarch, talcum powder can be used as a paste and mixed with water to get blood stains out. Just like the process used with cornstarch, rub the talcum powder paste on the fabric where the blood stain is located. Then, let it dry and rub off the excess. Repeat the process until the stain is gone, and then wash your clothes in the washing machine as normal.

Having lemons around the house can make cleaning in your life so much easier. If you want to use lemon juice as a solution to get blood stains out, try sprinkling salt on the blood stain and then squeezing the lemon juice on top of the blood stain. Rub the lemon juice and salt into the blood stain until the stain disappears. Once the stain is gone, wash the fabric with soap and water, and stick it in the washing machine with your normal laundry detergent.

All of these solutions are good options to get blood stains out of fabric. While it may be harder if the blood stain has set or if the blood has dried, many of these solutions can still work. Try each of these and see what works best for you. Good luck in your search and hopefully, with trial and error, you will get rid of those stubborn stains in no time!

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Morgan E. Westling
Morgan E. Westling
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