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10 Holistic TMJ Pain Relief Remedies

The improper functioning of your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) can cause TMJ pain often related to night-time bruxism. Read this article for TMJ Pain Relief Remedies.

By TJ AnapolPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

The improper functioning of your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) can cause TMJ pain often related to night-time bruxism. Bruxism is the habit of teeth grinding and jaw clenching. This is a common problem that you may be unaware of until you wake up with TMJ headaches, TMJ ear pain, TMJ jaw pain and other jaw problems.

Your dentist may notice that your teeth are being worn down and recommend being fitted for a night guard to protect them. TMJ night guards (sometimes referred to as TMJ mouth guards) protect your teeth, but do not address the teeth grinding and clenching habits that cause TMJ pain.

There are holistic remedies that may diminish these brux behaviors and help TMJ jaw pain relief. However, it’s advisable to seek out a TMJ specialist who can diagnose the underlying cause(s) of your jaw problems. There is a new type of specialist in dental care called orofacial pain specialists. Orofacial Pain (OFP) was recently recognized as the specialty of dentistry that encompasses the diagnosis, management and treatment of pain disorders of the jaw, mouth, face, head and neck.

In March of 2020, the American Dental Association (ADA) granted OFP the twelfth specialty in dental care, based on compliance with the ADA’s Requirements for Recognition of Dental Specialists. Holistic TMJ specialists include massage therapists, chiropractors and physical therapists who are trained in TMJ pain relief. A multi-disciplinary approach to address TMJ jaw pain may also include health professionals who teach behavioral therapy and relaxation training.

10 Holistic TMJ Pain Relief Remedies to Include in a Self-care Routine

1. Massage therapy by a licensed massage therapist who is trained in head, neck and jaw pain.

2. Chiropractic care by a licensed chiropractor with experience in cranial facial release.

3. TJz Balm™, organic topical pain relief medication that is effective, yet soothing to the delicate area around the jaw. TJz Balm™ relieves muscle and joint pain and relaxes the jaw area. It’s used by health professionals who treat TMJ disorders and bruxism.

4. Meditation exercises to help to relax the mind and be present in the moment.

5. Jaw exercises and tongue positioning that strengthen the ligaments around the jaw and relax the muscles that close your mouth.

6. Yoga movements to improve posture and flexibility.

7. Breathing exercises to lower stress in the body. Deep breathing sends a message to the brain to calm down.

8. Soft food diet to reduce stress on the jaw joints, especially if your jaw locks up or chewing is painful.

9. Proper posture during sitting and standing. Since the spine is directly related to your jaw, proper spinal posture is key to jaw health.

10. Neck roll pillow to comfortably support your neck and head. There are neck pillow rolls filled with buckwheat hulls that may be therapeutic and can help to keep your neck in a favorable position when you lie on your back or on your side.

TMJ disorders and bruxism are complex problems. These are just some of the self-care remedies that can help manage and mitigate these problems. Self-care practices at home need to become part of your daily and night-time routines for TMJ pain relief and to resolve neck pain, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, TMJ pain, TMJ headaches and jaw problems. For more tips and education about TMJ self-care practices, sign up to receive articles, education and news from TJz Balm™.


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