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10 Creative Jack-o-Lantern Designs to Inspire You This Halloween!

Say good-bye to the basic Jack-o-Lantern face this year and check out these 10 amazing and creative design ideas!

By Matthew LundgrenPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
10 Creative Jack-o-Lantern Designs to Inspire You This Halloween!
Photo by Taylor Foss on Unsplash

It's that time of year again. The air is getting crisper, the leaves are starting to change into beautiful yellow golds and auburn reds, and pumpkin spice is retaking its spot on the culinary throne.

That also means it is time for one of the most beloved Halloween traditions in America, carving pumpkins! The practice of carving pumpkins originated in Ireland. People would carve scary faces in turnips and potatoes as a way to frighten off spirits from coming into their homes.

Even though this tradition may have originated across the pond, Americans have certainly left their own impressive mark on the history of Jack-o-lanterns and taken the art of carving the pumpkin to a whole new level!

If you don't believe me, just check out some of the carvings below that are featured in the annual showcase at the New York Botanical Gardens!

Photo courtesy of the New York Botanical Gardens / By Victor Chu

Photo courtesy of the New York Botanic Gardens / By Victor Chu

Even though it would take me YEARS to try and carve one of those masterpieces (and about 1,000 practice pumpkins to mess up on first), these skillfully carved gourds do inspire us to try a little harder this Halloween season when we break out the knives and carve our own pumpkins! And if you are feeling the same way, then check out these 10 cute and amazing jack-o-lantern designs that we've rounded up for you to try!

1. RV + Trailer Pumpkin

Image via

Nothing screams pumpkin expert more than using multiple pumpkins in your design! If you are ready to take on this challenge, then check out this fun and cute RV pumpkin design! It even features a pumpkin seed as a door handle!

The spooky people at brewed up this creative design, and we love it! Now if only a real RV was this cheap!

Click here to check out the tutorial for making this spooky design!

2. Cute Cat Pumpkin

Image via

Who said all Jack-o-Lanterns had to be spooky and scary? This adorable cat design will make your house a neighborhood favorite!

You can even punch out some shapes from another pumpkin to make the cute ears and feet for this design!

Check out her blog here to see more of this design and other great pumpkin ideas!

3. Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

Image via

If Halloween wasn't fun enough already, who wouldn't want to combine Disney and Halloween together? That idea is what inspired this cute and fun Mickey Mouse pumpkin!

Click here to check out the tutorial and learn how to make this pumpkin from Studio DIY!

4. Hen and Chickens Pumpkins

Image via

If you want to bring some country chic and farmhouse fun to your pumpkins this year, this Hen and Chick pumpkin design is a great idea!

You will need some extra supplies outside of just the normal pumpkins, but the extra work is totally worth it!

Click here to check out the tutorial at Country Living!

5. Haunted House Pumpkin

Image via Etsy/Stoneykins

Now this design may be out of our skill range with carving, but we had to include it just because it is so beautiful! This haunted house design is sure to spook and delight all the trick or treaters you get this year!

6. Deer Silhouette Pumpkin

Image via

If there's a hunter in your family, then they'll love this stencil design of a beautiful buck! If you don't fancy yourself much of a carver, then this can be a great idea because you just need to follow the stencil design!

The only thing about this design is since there isn't any cut out pieces, there won't much as much light shining through at night!

Click here to grab the stencil and more info about this design!

7. Peek-a-Boo Design

Image via

If you are looking for a super creative design, don't look any further than this Peek-a-Boo barn design! And when you add the little pumpkins painted like a cow and pig this turns into the cutest design we've ever seen!

8. Winding Vines Pumpkin Design

Image via

If you are looking to add some natural beauty with your pumpkin carving, then we love this winding vines and leaves design! It's a beautiful way to show off your love for the changing seasons with a piece of nature itself!

9. Owl Family Pumpkins

Image via

"Hoooo" wouldn't love these adorable owl Jack-o-Lantern designs? This is a grea toption if youa re carving with your whole family! You can make an owl pumpkin for each family member! This is also a great idea for anyone who isn't into Halloween as much or anything too spooky!

10. Lantern Pumpkins

Image via

When you want your pumpkins to be an integral part of your decor and porch aesthetic, then these lantern designs are a great way to achieve that!

Click here to get the tutorial for this cute design!


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  • Alex H Mittelman 6 months ago

    I love making jack o lanterns!

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