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10 Best Methods for Dealing with Anxiety

by Tanvi Punia about a month ago in health
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Let's Fight Anxiety

According to research, 74% and 88% of people in India suffer from stress and anxiety, respectively. Additionally, worry and anxiety have been sharply rising since the COVID-19 epidemic hit. 10,000 Indians were polled as part of research to learn how people handle stress and anxiety. And this research found that the stress and anxiety levels had grown to the figure given at the beginning of this paragraph.

In our daily lives, it frequently happens that we experience anxiety, the cause of which might change based on the triggers that cause us to feel that way. We meant by triggers the circumstances in which we sense or experience anxiety. Triggers like the day of the school or college test results, the day of a job interview, delivering a presentation in front of a large audience, meeting someone for the first time, etc. Therefore, we have discovered the most effective methods for managing anxiety, which is outlined in this article.

Deep, concentrated breathing exercises: Breathe in four times and out four times while doing this for five minutes. Your heart rate will lower as a result of practicing breathing, which may help you feel less anxious.

Monitor Your Thinking Process: Our thought patterns are also to blame for our worry; the more negative ideas you have, the more your perception of the seriousness of the issue may change. Therefore, you might try to change your mental process by keeping an eye on it. Replace or distract yourself from the ideas that are causing you to feel nervous.

Yoga for 15 minutes or more, or Take a Walk: Sometimes, the greatest approach to avoid feeling worried is to concentrate on your body rather than your intellect.

The way you are feeling, put it in writing: It certainly does. Writing will be of tremendous assistance to you in many ways, including lowering your level of anxiety, letting out all of your frustrations, and self-analysis. Writing also aids in the development of a strong tie and a deeper relationship with yourself. You will learn a lot more about yourself by putting your views in writing.

Avoid drinking and using drugs for recreation: Contrary to what users of such substances may believe, such substances never assist anybody in coping with tension, stress, or worry. In fact, it makes your anxiousness worse.

Try these stress management strategies: There are several methods for managing stress and anxiety. techniques include physical activity, muscular relaxation, taking a hot shower, etc.

Do Not Consume Caffeinated Beverages: Since it is well known that getting enough sleep is essential for coping with anxiety or stress, it is best to abstain from drinking any foods or beverages that contain caffeine.

Consider a healthy diet: Diets that include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. help lower anxiety. Thus, a balanced diet is necessary for everyone, not only those who suffer from anxiety. You can also look for necessary supplements from an eBay alternative.

Identify Triggers: It will be difficult to manage anxiety until you are aware of what your triggers are. Because we are oblivious of the things that lead us to feel nervous if we are uninformed of our triggers. Try coming up with coping mechanisms for anxiousness. You could wind up healing yourself in this way.

Once we are mindful of our triggers, it is simple for us to get ready for any likely future relevant events occurring.

Sleep is essential: We seldom get enough sleep due to our hectic schedules and heavy workloads. And for this reason, the majority of us experience a lot of anxiety and/or stress. These days, it is imperative that we prioritize getting enough sleep each night and get a full eight hours each day. If, despite your best efforts, you are still having trouble falling or staying asleep, see a doctor. Your physician will be able to assist you with your sleep issue.


In this post, we reviewed some statistics and facts about anxiety as well as the top 10 methods for coping with anxiety. We hope it will make it easier for you to manage your stress and worry.


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