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Your E-commerce business Fail: 4 rules if you do not follow

4 rules you should follow

By Aiprog Published about a year ago 4 min read

Anyone can open an online E-commerce business store, but opening an online store is not enough. You need many advanced features to help you reach out to your customers. Otherwise, you will not be able to improve your sales.

Here we will talk to you about some advanced features you need to grow ecommerce business increase your sales and drive massive traffic to your website that AICommerce is offering you to help you rank on top.

4 rules you should follow, if you don’t want to fail Your E-commerce business

#1 Does your E-commerce business support SEO?

Do your products appear on top of search results? If not, then your e-commerce business doesn’t support SEO features. If not, your E-commerce business will fail if you don’t use these features.

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Does your E-commerce business support SEO?

Suppose you do SEO for this type of application. In that case, you need to change your whole application, and SEO is essential for any ecommerce business model application. It provides 70% leads to your business.

We provide an inbuilt on-page SEO on every product that differentiates us from others. We provide an inbuilt SEO feature in which you can add meta descriptions, product descriptions, and keywords that show your products on the top lists of search results whenever a customer searches for the product on google or any other search engine.

#2 Is your software built on new technology like Python?

If not, then you will not be able to use advanced features that as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Your application is built on PHP, CI, and larval-like obsolete technology. As a result, you can’t use them in future technology for making software applications.

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Is your software built on new technology like Python?

Our artificial intelligence utilizes comprehensive data from all over your site, such as traffic, shopping cart visits, time spent on the website, and more, to effectively target our remarketing efforts towards the right audience and serve as the driving force in your campaign.

#3 Is your application built on advanced code like database store procedure?

If not, then it doesn’t matter how good your hosting server is. It can never handle your customers at the same time.

Database Stored Procedure programming application for advance software - e-commerce solution

Database Stored Procedure programming application for advanced software – e-commerce solution

Database stored procedure of AICommerce easily handles and manages multiple users and customers on your website, which means when many customers use your application simultaneously. The database stored procedure can work all of them at once without making your application take time to load. It makes your application load fast and runs smoothly.

#4 Have you used react programming in your application to enhance your user interface?

If not, your user experience must be wrong because whenever any activity is performed, it will load your whole application to perform one action at a time which takes time and your customers have to wait.

AI Tools - AI sales optimization tools and AI re-marketing APIs

React Programing

Our user interface provides server and client-side fast loading and saves data consumption. Our UI designs aim to create visually appealing, brand-strengthening digital interfaces that attract and retain users. AICommerce eCommerce software in Lucknow delivers UI solutions tailored individually to your audience, reflects customer values, and effectively backs up your business objectives.

Learn More, E-commerce Software Working Model

AICommerce – An advanced e-commerce solution for all business

AICommerce - Best ecommerce platform. Best AI Products - Software Development In Hyderabad

AICommerce – best e-commerce solution to boost sales with AI sales optimization tools

AICommerce – An advanced e-commerce business solution that provides a technical solution for marketing and sales-like unique features which could fit your budget.

AICommerce artificial intelligence generates a graph representing analytics of customer-wise, product-wise, gender-wise, demographic, and salary of a customer by gaining their details. It helps in remarketing to attract traffic to your website and engage your targeted potential customers.

AI-sales optimization is fulfilling the needs of e-Commerce by providing deep link analytics. It enables customer intelligence in real-time, along with robust relationship analysis. With these real-time capabilities, e-Commerce sites can quickly synthesize and make sense of customer behavior.

We have the best eCommerce solution if you want to grow your e-commerce business with advanced features.

AICommerce offers you e-commerce business –

SEO-friendly application

Remarketing tools, both manual and AI automation

Sales optimization tools using AL-ML

Fast and smooth AI

Affiliate Marketing

Location-based PPC ads for your vendors

Coupons and Vouchers

Custom delivery charges

AICommece welcomes you to join our extended family. Our team of experts creates problem-solving design and focus on highlighting the features of products. Utilize our team’s expertise to grow the tour brand online. Get the best e-commerce application for your business and rule the world.

Get the best E Commerce Application For Your Business

Software Development & Artificial Intelligence APIs

Team of Highly Skilled and Expert Software Developers in Lucknow

Do you want a technology that ruined the market? If your business is technology oriented, you could use better quality technology. For the first mover, your technology should stop other competitors from entering the market. For an existing business, only quality technology beats other competitors.

We are brilliant at programming and coding. No one can beat you in logic and programming. So, only take our software development services if you want quality. We are the best software development company in Lucknow and Hyderabad.

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So, if you want fast growth, consider our best digital marketing service, as we are the best digital marketing company in Lucknow, India.

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