You Will Fail

by Laelda Desir 11 months ago in advice

Well, you will!

You Will Fail

You will fail. Get up and get over it. You’ll be thankful for it later .

Hello loves, and welcome to my first official blog entry. A sort of morbid way to start, but I have a weird sense of humor. But I do mean this. You will fail. Whether you like it or not, though I don’t know anyone who likes to fail at things. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but definitely an impacting one. A lesson I keep learning repeatedly. In the words of Sansa Stark:

“I’m a slow learner, it’s true. But I learn."

Yes, I am a GoT fan and you will hear about it. (Along with a lot of Harry Potter references. I’m a Hufflepuff BTW.) *Kanye shrug*

Failing is a part of life. Not something we want as part of life, but it comes with the package nonetheless, and it’s never fun. Especially if, like me, everyone told you “oh, you’re so smart" and "you will be really successful” growing up. But then you graduate high school (whether you went to college/technical school/etc.) and life goes “oh you thought? Okay... bet.” You learn you’re not the big fish in the small pond anymore and there are way more people as smart as and smarter than you are. Yes, logically in my head I knew this for a fact, but when you are really hit with it, it’s like “well damn.”

So, I started really learning to fail and move on in college. I cried when I had to do my first withdrawal from a class because I knew ain’t no way I could pass/keep my GPA up with it. I learned that bruh, in some cases, praying for a passing C is abso-freaking-lutly great! Wonderful even. I learned to fail when I got my first reprimand at work. (I don’t like getting reprimanded so I try to be the overachiever, sue me *Kanye shrug*) Around one year ago, I learned how to fail when I got let go. (of course the polite way to say: “You’re fired, pack yo stuff, and be gone. Bye Felicia!”) And this was from my first big girl job, thinking look at that I finally made it! For sure I cried then, until two (small) bottles of wine and a ton of Disney movies later, I finally passed out. That one hurt the most. Because I had gotten comfortable and then made mistakes, and of course after failing I overanalyze every single mistake I’ve made there and think of everything I could have done to change the outcome.

But that’s not healthy. It only made me sad and think lower of myself in the end, that maybe I overestimated myself and am not cut out for the big jobs. But the thing is, failing means you and I (because I know you’ve failed too, and if you say you don’t, you are a whole lie) have to get up, analyze, learn from those mistakes, and move the heck on. It really doesn’t do anything to keep thinking about what happened 24/7 because you can miss out on what could be your future, a venture you never knew you wanted to try. It’s cliché, but If you fall seven times, get back up eight. It wouldn’t be cliché if it wasn’t true.

I’m not writing from a place of success now, I’m still just getting on my feet, and I really don’t know what’s going to happen next, but I can for sure know that it will be alright. I’m too bougie for it not to be 😊 I got my God in my corner and I’m learning to really trust in him. That’s a whole other story. Shoot, I been a whole mess and some of my past failures, I feel like, could have been avoided had I let it go and let God. Don’t be like me and block your own blessings by being hard headed—LOL. Still looking for a job y’all. Hire me… kidding… not really 😉 keep going loves, you're bright future depends on it!



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