Writer's Block

by Leigh Hooper 10 months ago in art

What a b*tch!

Writer's Block

People always say: “If you don’t write everyday then you’ll never be a successful author,” and maybe they’re right. Maybe I’m not cut out to ever be a published author and maybe I should quit my dreams. Because, if I’m honest, that’s what I feel like doing.

Writer’s block has taken over for the last month now and I haven’t had the opportunity to write as I’ve been busy. Adults are allowed to be busy, but apparently writers aren’t. Before writing this article, I attempted writing many other things. I attempted to continue writing the novel that I would one day love to publish. I tried writing poetry and many other things. Then I started to doubt myself that I will ever be a good enough writer, and I told myself that successful authors would never have writer’s block. If I have writer’s block, then I’m simply not meant to be an author. After that, I cried. For a while. And now I’m here.

I’d like to believe that I’m a pretty good writer of sorts. Through my school years I loved writing, and even started up my writing career on the website Wattpad. To this day, I am still trying to carry on fanfics many of my reader’s love—after all, having nearly 300,000 reads isn’t something I want to neglect. But now that I’m living my adult life, living with my boyfriend, and having a job that’s nothing to do with writing, it can sometimes be hard to write. Having a busy life has totally thrown off my whole “write once a day” plan and I can’t seem to get back into it. I’m lucky if I write once a week. I’m lucky if it doesn’t take me an hour to actually figure out what to write. Recently, I’ve been focusing more on writing Vocal articles than focusing on my novel. This, in hindsight, is probably a bad idea. I’ve been ignoring my writer’s block and I am constantly trying to disguise the fact I have no idea what I am doing with my novel. I have planned the entire plot and have taken writing courses to help advance my ideas, BUT I still can’t seem to write one sentence that makes sense. My fictional world of my novel has come to a halt and I’m staring at my characters as if they’re complete strangers. I don’t know what to do anymore, hence believing that I should never try to make being an author an actual career for me.

On social media such as Instagram, I follow lots of "writing tips" accounts that I think will inspire me to write more, and they do inspire me, but even when I start typing away a little voice in my head tells me that what I am writing is complete and utter shit and I delete it all. I wonder if any of you writers have experienced the same thing, you might let me know how to get rid of that little voice because, to put it bluntly, she is a complete bitch and my biggest criticiser! I would love to look at a novel, pick it up from where I left off, and write thousands of words at a time. However, for now, this isn’t the case and maybe I need some time away from writing. Maybe I need to think about how serious about this I am. Maybe I need to go away and read more, pull inspiration from others, and get my writing hat screwed back on my head the right way. If anyone can help, pray to the writing gods if you must, it would be greatly appreciated.

Wish me luck x

Leigh Hooper
Leigh Hooper
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