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Wolf Run Limo Service: 530-331-0256

Luxury ride at a low cost! We are bonded and insured for two million dollars, so you're safe with us! Sit back and let Wolf Run Limo Service do the driving for you. It’s time you spoiled yourself a little! Wolf Run Limo Service will keep you safe, and get you to your destination in style! Our drivers are well dressed, polite, professional, and ready to roll! Day or night we will get you there!

By Dion WallacePublished 4 years ago 1 min read
A sweet classy ride through the majestic Klamath Falls, Mount Shasta Area!

We offer four limousines to choose from: six passengers or nine passengers; Silver twin six seaters with TV, stereo, lighting throughout the bar and seating area, and a sun roof, with a professional driver in his tailor-made suit and and top hat! A long classy nine passenger black limo is perfect for a group or wedding party, it offers a stereo, mirrored ceiling and mirrored divider, and double-stacked bar of champagne flutes and rock glasses accent this ride perfectly! A luxury ride for a low cost! Many specials, and all prices are negotiable! We are honest and upfront with our customers, so there’s no hidden or unexpected fees or deposits, unless otherwise stipulated in the liability contract, or the limo rental contract.


530-331-0256 Ask for Dion or Eddie


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Dion Wallace

I own a 501c3 Rescue And Sanctuary, I own a limousine service, I sell Monat , I’m a grandmother and wife and mother to an amazing family of odd balls but hey I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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