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Wild elephant attack

A recent incident - Description

By SUGANYA RPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

In Kerala's Idukki district, close to the popular tourist destination of Munnar, a 44-year-old man was murdered by a wild elephant. In less than a month, there have been three similar events in the state, following the deaths of two persons in Wayanad as a result of an increase in human-animal conflicts.

The victim of the most recent incident, which took place at the Kannimala estate on Monday night, has been identified by the police as autorickshaw driver Suresh Kumar.

The autorickshaw was overturned by the elephant that was standing on the road, trapping the passengers beneath it. The creature attacked Kumar, but the other four managed to escape narrowly.

After the event, the woman told the media that Kumar was hurled at least three times by the elephant while it was carrying its trunk.

According to the police, Kumar was seriously hurt in the incident and was being transported to a hospital.

The Left Democratic Front (LDF), which rules the state, has called for a strike in response to the most recent occurrence and is calling for a stop to the growing number of human-animal confrontations in Kerala.

In response to the incident, the opposition Congress has also declared a blockage in the vicinity.

On February 10, a citizen of the 42-year-old

A 42-year-old man who lived in the isolated Wayanad hamlet of Chaligaddah was crushed to death on February 10 while attempting to flee from an elephant that had broken into his yard.

After protests by the locals, the administration announced that Ajeesh's family would receive an ex-gratia of Rs 10 lakh and that his wife would be hired by the government.

His father insisted that Kerala Forest Minister K. Saseendran step down and accept accountability for the deadly assault.

An elephant assaulted ecotourism guide V. Paul in the Cheriyamala jungles six days later. At the Kozhikode Medical College, he passed away.

In its reserve forests, Kerala is thought to be home to about 6,000 wild elephants and another 700 elephants kept in captivity.The family of three was hurt when the car flipped over and is currently being treated at a nearby hospital in Munnar. Mani died from severe head injuries.

A. Raja, a CPI(M) lawmaker from Devikulam (Munnar), stated, "It is a sad fact that none of the four elephant attack deaths occurred in a forest. We anticipate that the Munnar district and forest officials would take the necessary action. The populace is undoubtedly irate."

Leading political parties have demanded a local stoppage, and on Tuesday, their representatives were obstructing traffic.

Kochi, Feb. 27 (IANS): In Munnar, Kerala's Idukki district, a wild elephant murdered a 46-year-old autorickshaw driver.

This is the fourth wild elephant attack-related death in as many months. It happened late on Monday night. Reports of the remaining three deaths came from the Wayanad district.

According to eyewitnesses, Sureshkumar, also known as Mani, was chauffeuring a family home on Monday night at around ten o'clock after they had attended the yearly celebration at a nearby school.

Man killed by Wayanad elephant: The reason for the growing human-animal conflict in Kerala

Reports of wild animals attacking people have come from all around the state, primarily from bison, tigers, elephants, and wild boars. Why is this jump occurring?

The most affected is Wayanad

Despite having 36.48 percent of its land covered by forests, Wayanad has suffered 41 deaths from elephant attacks and seven from tiger attacks in the past ten years. In this, its geographic location is important.

49 villages have been classified by the authorities as having a high rate of human-animal conflict: 18 are in Wayanad, 14 are in Idukki, 10 are in Palakkad, and 7 are in Pathanamthitta.

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