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Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Business Reviews

They will come if you build it. What will they say about it when they get there?

By Damian PetersPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

They will come if you build it. What will they say about it when they get there? Your business could be negatively affected by the website you have worked so hard to create. This is not what anyone wants when they go digital. According to the instructions, a website was necessary in order to be found. You hired a geek to do it all, but you got a lot of negative reviews.

Those negative reviews are a serious problem. Even if you make improvements to your website, negative reviews will remain on your site forever and be a warning signal to other people not to visit your site. Your business's lifeblood is word of mouth. Bad word of mouth can poison your business' veins.

Yelp is a major player in the reviews industry. It is not something you can ignore. Learn how to remove Yelp reviews from your business. It's possible and necessary.

Although your website is a great start, there are many more things that can be done. A website that is not attractive is worse than a website that isn't. Websites that are slow and heavy on ad tracking are quickly becoming unattractive. It is useless to have a website that doesn’t work on low-end smartphones. It is possible to get people to visit your site for just enough time to make them hate it. People will soon bounce off your site and leave negative reviews on social media about their experience. Before you start looking at what you can do to improve your site, you need to understand why reviews are important.

Business Reviews: The New First Impression

You never have a second chance to make an impression. The modern truth may be even worse. It is possible that you won't even have a chance to make a first impression. A review is the most common first impression people have of your company, product or service. This is not realistic and fair. In our current situation, however, this is the best way to make a first impression.

Shoppers now start with reviews. This was true even before COVID. The purpose of shopping is not to test the product. They come to the store to purchase the product. They've already read reviews online. A person can feel that they have actually used the product after reading enough reviews. This may not be fair or exact, but it's the truth.

You will need to do your best to ensure that you are successful in this environment. Here are some suggestions:

A user-friendly website

A user-friendly website will help you get started with potential customers. It is important to understand what it means to be user friendly.

  • Rapid load times
  • Cookies are not a subject of nags
  • Advertising that is minimally intrusive and not too intrusive
  • Clear and intuitive navigation
  • It works on all smartphones, tablets and desktop browsers
  • Accessible for the visually impaired

Many sales are lost on the homepage. They don't click through to find out more about your products. Some websites are so focused in making a strong pitch, they block customers from finding the information they need when they need it. They don't want to know the price, as they have already done their research elsewhere. They don't want to know about your past. They don't want to see the gallery.

Your website should not be viewed as a car dealership. A user-friendly website is the key to good reviews.

Protecting Customer Data

What amount of data does your site collect from each customer who visits it? Is that data secure? Your website and data storage are more secure than Target, Sony, or the IRS? All of them were victims to hackers who stole sensitive information. Do not collect too many sensitive user data without having clear and urgent reasons.

While your service may be so important that customers give it over, they might not think highly of you as an organization. Many business models can feel exploitative. Even if your business model is not similar to that of less well-respected companies, you can be accused of being guilty by association. It is best to not collect customer data when you don't use it.

When Things Go Wrong

It happens. This should be written on every product we purchase. It doesn't matter how well-made the product, there will always be a problem. It happens. It isn't always kind to products or services. It is okay to have products that fail for a percentage of your customers. It's all about how you respond to your customer when this happens.

Sometimes, a product that fails will earn you a better review than one that succeeded. If the product lives up to their expectations, people will be happy with it. But they will also say great things about you and your company if they are treated well.

Every business needs to have positive reviews. Your website should be user-friendly and protect your customers' data. You must also go above and beyond to fix things when they go wrong.


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