Why Team Building Is So Important (and Best Outdoor Team Building Ideas)

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Turning a group of coworkers into allies who communicate openly, cooperate well and support each other is the main goal of every team building event.

Why Team Building Is So Important (and Best Outdoor Team Building Ideas)

Where there is a team, there is a need for team building. Turning a group of coworkers into allies who communicate openly, cooperate well and support each other is the main goal of every team building event. Although plenty of group activities can take place in the office, the most effective and memorable team building is the one that will draw your team out in nature. Long office hours, especially in the era of a sedentary lifestyle, can really suck out life, energy, and creativity out of workers. Change of scenery and exposure to fresh air can only do good for your employees and your company. Outdoor activities can improve health as well as they can restore mental energy. To reap all the benefits, here are a few great outdoor team building ideas that will revitalize your team and get it back on track.


It is the classic of team building, ever popular around the globe, yet it stood the test of time for a reason. Whether employees play against each other or against the scouts. It is a highly dynamic activity that teaches them first hand about strategic planning, communication, and leadership, all together fueled with pressure and adrenaline. It is a unique and great activity for fun and learning.

Raft Building

Divide your team into smaller groups and provide the materials to build a raft. Raft should be strong enough to carry all members of the group. After working closely together for a couple of hours on building a fully functional raft that can sail, organize a race of new built rafts. The group that sails fastest on a raft that doesn’t fall apart is the winner. This activity will bring closer your employees, improve their communication and increase creativity. It will be a great day by the water with coworkers.

Human Knot

An interesting game that will make employees think faster and collaborate efficiently. A group of a minimum of six people should stand shoulder to shoulder in a circle. With each hand, every member of the group should grab another person's hand, which means that everyone will hold hands with two more people. As soon as they all hold hands, they will form a knot that they need to untangle within a specific time frame.


It is a great outdoor activity that requires a wide and open area where players walk and try to avoid ‘’mines.’’ Place mines (balls or other bigger items) around the field, and divide team into pairs. One participant is supposed to be blindfolded and silent, while another one can see, talk and guide the partner through a minefield. It is a game of trust and a great opportunity to exercise effective communication.


The goal of this game is to make teams find their way from one side of the spider web to another without touching the web or using the same gap twice. It is an amusing and demanding activity that promotes trust, good communication and problem-solving within the team.

Hiking in Nature

Hiking offers a great opportunity for your team to explore and enjoy nature as well as to bond in a pleasant experience of walking together and soaking in the beauty of gorgeous landscapes. Most effective team building takes two or three days of a guided walk. For instance, the number one choice of team building activities in Australia is a famous 3 Capes hike that takes participants on a walk through breathtaking scenery.

Jumbo Volleyball

It is a great game for big teams since it will take a lot of people to maneuver a giant-size ball. Not only that it takes a strong team collaboration, but it also takes good communication and a certain strategy to play this comical version of volleyball. Employees will enjoy every minute of it since it will amuse them and energize for work on Monday.

The Egg Drop

Divide team in groups of no more than six, provide necessary materials and get your people to get creative in problem-solving. Each group needs to think of a way to prevent the egg from breaking when dropped from a certain height. Also, they will need a lot of eggs. Depending on how they perform, gradually raise the height and see how they'll manage a new challenge.


Creating and maintaining the level of camaraderie in a team is never easy, but luckily, sometimes all it takes to bring back positive atmosphere is stepping outside of the office. Engaging your employees in fun and constructive outdoor activities will pay off immediately, and it will have great health benefits for the entire team.

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