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Why I Write: Part 2

by Ember Joy 2 years ago in literature

I explain the reasons I write, my process, and my current project. THESE ARE MY CHARACTERS! DON'T STEAL THEM!

Why I Write: Part 2

My writing. It's my escape. The escape from the darkness in the world and the lack of control I have over it. When I write, I create the darkness I want and it gives me a sense of control. This control helps me become a better writer. One thing I know—when I write, I am me.

I am constantly shy, as well as with a lack of control. I hide myself from the world. With this, I'm able to express myself in many types of ways including:

  1. My anger issues -> I can get so angry and instead of letting it out on the person next to me, I let it out in my writing
  2. My Personality -> I am a shy, easily scared, little geeky girl who got picked on a lot and never had any friends
  3. My shyness -> Using a pen-name helps me get over my shyness. I can say whatever I want in a novel. Screw it!
  4. Honor my Family -> Recently, two people in my family died just two months apart. And my father died back in 2015. I write novels to honor their memory. I base my characters around them and for them.

That is why I write my novels.

My Writing Process

My writing process consist of several different things. Some I looked up on the internet, some I sometimes don't use, so on. This writing process works for me—it might not work for you. (EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THEIR OWN PROCESS!) Anyway, let's get to the steps. And I will be using a novel I am currently working on and I have copyrighted my characters (more like wrote a copyright symbol and a date on the back of my characters). Either way... MY CHARACTERS.

Step 1: The Novel Idea!

Basically, I just think. No, in all seriousness, in order to come up with ideas is from watching what I love: anime, movies, mangas, novels, TV shows, YouTube videos. With these, I think of what I would do in that situation. Then I write the idea down and put it in a box. When I do, I literally just randomly put my hand in the box and pick which idea I use.

My current idea is based on two animes: Fushigi Yuugi and Kyou Kara Maou.

Step 2: Characters!

Characters are basically... the whole way the story moves forward. The book can be through the eyes of one person (first POV) or as if someone is watching the characters move (third POV). For me, my stories consist of at least five types of characters, but I know of eight.

  • Protagonist (main character): This is the person your story revolves around. My main character becomes Queen of Delsters, and has to navigate the whole new world.
  • Deuteragonist: Second in Command or a sidekick. Like Robin, Fryer Tuck, Harley Quinn. It can be a mentor, a best friend, maybe even a love interest. This I have two of her handmaid and her love interest
  • Love interest: Pretty self-explanatory. This person is who the protagonist is destined to fall in love with. Even if only temporarily. My character's love interest is the bodyguard/protector of the new queen and they accidentally get engaged.
  • Antagonist (villain): An antagonist is the person/thing that causes your MC all the drama. Can be a mystery, can be very clear. Can be one or can be a bunch of them. No matter what, this bastard is a pain in the butt!
  • The Mentor: Someone who your character learns from and looks up to. They guide your MC through the journey and through their drama. Again two, one being her handmaid.
  • Narrator: That is up to you. THEY TELL THE WHOLE STORY!
  • Secondary character: A secondary character is the one who joins your hero for their journey. Friends, mentors, love interests. So many different types of secondary characters.
  • Flat character: A flat character is someone we don’t need to know anything about. They are just extras like people in the chorus for a play, or just the person who plays the tree. They’re in one scene, maybe two. Three tops. They could pop up again... but basically no one cares about them. THEY WANT MORE MC!

When I get my characters done... then I move on to step three. Sometimes...

Step 3: Outlining!

My very complicated process is based off of three methods and sometimes I just skip it all together. For outlining, you:

  • Create scenes.
  • Create creatures (for fantasy).
  • Do research.
  • Figure out what you want to happen.

Basically... you figure out the book. I currently have one outline that is about 30 pages long. And I have a project that I'm just flying blind.

Step 4: Write!

I cannot stress this enough. Some people ask questions like:

How do I write a book? WRITE!

How do I get better at writing? WRITE!

How do I know how my story will go? WRITE!

What should I do now? WRITE!

No matter what, you cannot get around it. WRITE!

WRITE WRITE WRITE. Kinda like that Turbo-tax commercial. Free! Instead it's WRITE!

Now, my current project:

It is about a girl named with a tragedy under her belt is sucked into the world of Korexia! She then becomes Queen and is tasked into saving the world from war, from a darkness, and her own personal sanity.

Thank you for reading!

Ember Joy
Ember Joy
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