Why I Love Story Writing!

by Sarah Russell 2 years ago in literature

The 4 Best Things When It Comes to Creative Writing

Why I Love Story Writing!

I've honestly been writing stories since before I can remember. I've always been a creative child, and I've grown into a even more creative, but now experienced, young adult. Here are some of my favorite things about writing and why I've stuck with it for so long.

#1 Creating Your Own Little World

Being creative is a great gift—the best in my opinion! When I write stories, I love that I can create my own little world. Whoever told you the movie was better than the book is DEAD WRONG! And I'll tell you why. What came first? THE BOOK! Therefore, the movie is just a cheap spin-off of the original. Did I mention cheap? Let me remind you that the movie you watched has a budget, and real-world limitations. Not to mention directors and actors who are going to put their own personal spin on the things you wrote. But in a book? If you want a lion-headed bird to swoop in and kidnap the princess, you can do that! No graphics or special effects needed! You want magic in your story? No problem! Your readers can imagine whatever you describe in their own way.

#2 Getting Lost In Your Writing

I love sitting down to write! With YouTube calling just a click away, your friends begging you to hang out on the other end of the line, and the dreaded writer's block looming on the horizon—okay, let's be honest. Sometimes, it can really be hard to force ourselves to sit down and write. We live a busy life with lots of distractions. But you know what makes forcing ourselves to sit and write worth it? Getting lost in your own writing! I love being able to just put in headphones and type away. When the ideas and dialog are flowing just perfect, I feel like I'm on top of the world! And nothing feels as great as finishing that last sentence of a chapter when you know you've written something amazing.

#3 Editing

Editing is probably the most essential part of writing. Weather you may be fixing a simple typing error or fixing a sentence that makes absolutely no sense, you always need to proofread your work! Other than being able to fix possible vital mistakes, you get a refresher of the beautiful masterpiece you just created! It's like the cool down after the workout, or the icing on the cake. Whatever you want to call it, you better enjoy this part because in the end, it will make you a better writer!

#4 The Readers

Of course the best part of writing is the reaction from all your lovely readers! If you're lucky enough to write online like me, you can get instant and true reactions from every reader who clicks on your book. Writing is also amazing because, as mentioned above, every reader can imagine what you are writing! I think it's beautiful how your story can affect every single reader individually, and in different ways. No matter what you write or how you describe it, every reader can imagine something different from your book and take away a different feeling or lesson from your work. Readers are the backbone of every writer's career, and I am personally grateful for every single one of mine.

I'm a big writer on Wattpad. If you'd like to check out some of the works that I have posted feel free to check out this link.

Sarah Russell
Sarah Russell
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