Why I Joined Network Marketing...

by Alyssa Hutchins 2 years ago in career

...And What I've Learned About Myself

Why I Joined Network Marketing...

I can't even begin to explain the joy I get out of being a teacher, but let's get real really quick... like right to the point. I don't know if this is something I want to do till I'm 75 just to be able to live! I mean... I see myself walking around with a cane and barking at the kids saying, "In my day, kids didn't behave like that." UHM. No thank you. I can barely stand the sitting on the floor and getting back up and singing and dancing as it is. I mean... kids today are not like the kids were when I was a student. Kids are the bosses in their household and parents have a hard time believing what the teacher said because their children are always right.

That's when network marketing came into the picture. I started first with Beachbody. I honestly loved the accountability and the friendships I was creating, but then I stopped creating those friendships. I kept sabotaging my weight loss and I kept finding reasons for not doing it. Why? Because in my head... who wants a Beachbody coach who lost 20 pounds and then started to gain it back? I want a coach who is going to keep me consistent. Who is going to shout my name off the rooftops when I reach goals. I wasn't that coach. I let everything get the best of me and posting progress pictures... HELL NO. Not for the world to see. I couldn't do that. Are you crazy??? Plus, when my coach left... I left too (a few months later). Oh, and being called the "shake girl" and all you do is drink shakes... was obnoxious. Of course saying, "but I get paid to do it" helped.

However, after leaving that company I joined another. One that has nothing to do with fitness. One that completely changed the way I did things. No more cold messages to people about programs. Just one that's literally "Wash your hair and share." However, I'm sabotaging myself there too... why? Feeling judged is the hardest thing ever. It haunts me. I mean I don't want to be obnoxious to people. I don't want to be judged by people, but damn do I want that white caddy.

I've learned that my anxiety flares out of control when I get nervous about posting things. I mean, the products are amazing. They pretty much could sell themselves. Top of the line. Natural. No harsh chemicals. Worth every penny. Last forever. However, I can't seem to just post a damn selfie and say that. NOPE. I can't. I get fearful. I get nervous. I post about my dog. I post about the reservoir. I post about my drinks. My food. My students. I can't seem to get over the hump enough to post anything. Truth is, I'm sitting here sharing dogs, food, adventures, students, and drinks. I'm helping to share those so others can enjoy them.... SO WHY NOT DO THAT FOR THE THINGS I LOVE USING?

Truthfully that is one of the worst feelings.

I mean I see the promise in this. I see that I could never have to "work" a day in my life again, but the fear is what's stopping. me. I mean why join network marketing if you're going to just shit your pants about it every time you post?

Because it's worth it.

So here I go... giving it a try again.

Alyssa Hutchins
Alyssa Hutchins
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