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Why Hiring Remote Developers is the Future of Work?

Hiring Remote Developers

By Kane JordyPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

Forget the age-old concept of the 9-to-5 desk job. Technology has opened up a world where businesses can capitalise on the vast global talent pool, transforming the way they work in ways that were inconceivable a short time ago. Particularly through the growth of remote working!

No longer just a passing trend, remote working has evolved into an absolute necessity. Employers now have access to the best professionals from anywhere in the world, which provides unparalleled advantages for companies that choose to embrace this innovative way of working.

And CO and Remote Year conducted a survey that found remote work is on the rise.

But one of the biggest trendsetters in remote working is hiring remote developers. But why? Let's figure out why hiring remote developers is the future of work.

Reasons to Hire Remote Developers

Remote work is no longer a mere fad - it's an absolute necessity. Companies are embracing this cost-efficient and progressive approach to increase flexibility and recruit the highest calibre of talent, with developers being one of the most sought-after positions in remote roles. Here are a few reasons why remote developers hiring become such a monumental part of the future workplace.

Increased Flexibility

By allowing remote work, companies no longer have to limit their hiring pool to the local area; instead, they can now recruit from any corner of the globe and access some of the best professionals available. This opens up a vast array of opportunities, enabling employers to build more diverse and inclusive teams with ease. Whether they want to hire ReactJS developers, Java developers, or any other type of developer, businesses now have the entire world at their fingertips.

Lower Costs

Hiring remote developers can result in substantial cost savings for businesses. Not having to rent out a physical office space, as well as eliminating associated overhead costs such as utilities and more, makes it all the better. On top of that, many times, remote employees are even more productive than their on-site co-workers and take fewer sick days resulting in further expense reductions. If you want to hire JavaScript developers, for example, you can find them in any corner of the globe and pay according to their country's standard rates.

Attracting Top Talent

Remote work has become a key necessity for today's distinguished developers. A survey conducted by GitLab revealed that 99% of respondents desired to continue their remote careers indefinitely. In an economy where the most sought-after talent is highly competitive, offering flexible and remote jobs is one surefire way to acquire and keep top performers.

A Remote Workforce is the Future of Work

To sum it up, remote work is becoming a necessity in the evolving workplace. By adapting to and utilising this new form of labour, companies can gain more flexibility while decreasing costs while simultaneously attracting high-calibre talent. It's evident that embracing remote employees will benefit businesses as they strive for growth - so start exploring how you can make teleworking feasible for your organisation today!

The facts are crystal clear - remote work is here to stay. The State of Remote Work report revealed that a whopping 82% of people who have experienced it want to continue working remotely for the remainder of their professional lives. Moreover, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations now need more developers with remote experience than ever before! To ensure you and your business don't fall behind in this changing world, consider how you can make virtual positions available within your company. So, hire remote developers and benefit from the many advantages that come with it. Hiring developers from iWebServices is a hassle-free process.


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