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Why Every Writer Needs A Bio

Writers need visibility, recognition, and appreciation

By Dr Mehmet YildizPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Why Every Writer Needs A Bio
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Introduction and context

Writers need visibility, recognition, and appreciation.

As a published author, I know and feel the pain of writers in the market and want to transfer my knowledge to fellow writers.

We may be the most creative writer with brilliant ideas and enticing writing styles. It doesn't matter if we are not visible to our readers. Our talent and materials do not add much value to society. Whether we like it or not, this is reality. Our success as writers depends on our visibility to readers.

Writers need visibility for success. Simply put, no visibility, no readability!

We may be writers with substantial and high-quality content, however, more specifically, if our profile and content are not visible to our readers, our creativity does not bring much value to us and our target audience.

We must be visible to be discovered as a writer on the market unless we only write for ourselves. Marketing and entrepreneurial skills have become mandatory for writers.

In this story, I want to provide six reasons we need to develop writer bios, based on my experience.

To gain visibility, writers need to create compelling writer bios and share them on content development and marketing platforms.

As an editor of a significant publication, I know the importance of writer bios for visibility and other important reasons that I cover in this story. Therefore, I recommend to participating writers to create bios to raise their profiles.

The value of my recommendation was understood and well received by many writers. Those writers who benefited from writer bios characterized them as success tools.

Next question can be why we need to create writer bios.

Here are the six simple reasons from my experience:

1. Communicate who we are

A writer bio is primarily a communication tool.

In a story format, we can add as much information as needed in our writer bios. Our writer bios reflect our creativity and capability. Therefore, we need to articulate our intention.

Photos, relevant illustrations, sound files, and embedded videos can be used to enhance our intended message.

2. Gain visibility

The best way to gain visibility to our readers is to have a writer bio.

Our writer bio can be used as an enhanced form of business card for our writing practice. Therefore, we can consider writer bio as an effective marketing tool.

A writer bio enables us to add as much information as needed.

3. Acquire recognition

We can only be recognized when we are visible to others in meaningful ways.

We can gain the recognition that we need from our peers by engagingly explaining our skills and capabilities.

Our writer bios can provide links to our significant resources such as articles, blogs, books, awards, memberships, and services that we offer.

4. Connect with readers

We can use our writer bios as a connection tool with our readers and fellow writers. We can add essential details, such as our social media links, newsletters, testimonials, and other tools to connect with our readers.

Connecting with others can enable us to collaborate, create synergy, and enhance our writing and marketing capabilities.

5. Enhance our network

Our writer bios can be used as a networking tool.

Details in the bios can enable others to find us, connect with us, and maintain collaboration with our readers and fellow writers.

Networking is a well-known success factor for writers in this competitive marketplace.

6. Create serendipity

A writer bio can be used as a serendipity tool.

We never know who can see our bio in the vast virtual world and can be attracted to our profile and get interested in our services.

Sharing a writer bio in social media can help us meet new people from unexpected realms. Serendipity is required for growth.

How can we use our writer bios?

We can use your writer bios at the end of your articles, blogs, and books as a reference to our profile.

We can post our writer bios to social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

We can embed them on our websites.


Writer bios can be used for various purposes as outlined under six headings in this article. Some of us may have other reasons to create and use writer bios.

One practical way of developing a writer bio is converting the details of our professional resume to an engaging story format.

As the content in bios represents our capabilities, we need to make the content clear and engaging for our readers. The purpose is to enable our readers to learn about us and make it compelling to connect with us.

In this frenetic and competitive world, writers must think and act like entrepreneurs. Marketing is an inevitable requirement for writers.

Inspiring quotes about visibility

You've got to find a way to make people know you're there - Nikki Giovanni

Cultivate visibility because attention is currency. - Chris Brogan


The original version of this story was published in another platform under a different title.


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