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Who is She?

A Women

By DelphiPublished 7 months ago 2 min read

A woman is more than just her curves,

Her beauty, her style, or her verve.

She is the sum of her experiences,

Her dreams, her struggles, and her successes.

A woman is more than what meets the eye,

More than just a body, a face, or a smile.

She is a force to be reckoned with,

A complex creature, a mystery to unfold.

A woman is a fighter, a warrior, a survivor,

With scars and wounds that she hides inside her.

She has fought battles that no one knows,

And has come out stronger, wiser, and more composed.

A woman is a nurturer, a caregiver, a provider,

Who puts others' needs before her own desires.

She has a heart that beats for the world,

And a soul that longs to see love unfurled.

A woman is a friend, a lover, a companion,

Who adds color and depth to life's companionship.

She is a confidante, a shoulder to lean on,

And a source of strength when the world has gone wrong.

A woman is a warrior, a queen, a goddess,

A force of nature, a powerful harness.

She is the embodiment of love and grace,

And a shining light in the darkest of days.

A woman is a mother, a sister, a daughter,

Whose love knows no bounds or borders.

She carries the weight of the world on her shoulders,

And still manages to make life a little bit bolder.

A woman is an artist, a creator, a dreamer,

Whose vision and imagination know no limits.

She gives life to stories, to ideas, to dreams,

And makes the world a more vibrant and colorful scene.

A woman is a leader, a changemaker, a visionary,

Who can move mountains and create history.

She inspires, empowers, and motivates,

And shows the world what true leadership really means.

A woman is a trailblazer, a pioneer, a rebel,

Who defies stereotypes and breaks barriers.

She refuses to be held back by societal norms,

And carves her own path, no matter how thorny it forms.

A woman is a survivor of abuse and oppression,

Who refuses to be defined by her struggles and pain.

She stands tall, with a fierce determination,

And makes her voice heard, loud and clear.

A woman is a teacher, a mentor,

A guide to those who seek to learn,

Her wisdom and knowledge light the way,

And help others to grow and earn.

A woman is a lover, a partner,

A soulmate to the lucky one,

Her heart beats with a rhythm so pure,

And her love is second to none.

A woman is a soulful expression of the divine,

A spiritual being, connected to all that's divine.

She embodies love, grace, and compassion,

And shows us what it means to truly be human.

So who is a woman, you might ask?

She sacrifices herself for others,

She is the embodiment of love, strength, and hope,

And a source of inspiration and wonder forevermore.

So celebrate the women in your life,

And honor the legacy of those who came before.

For they are the backbone of humanity,

And the true guardians of our collective soul.


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  • Ferdin7 months ago

    Superb dear

  • Sastry Challa7 months ago

    Nice lines

  • Duncy Prabha7 months ago

    Wow :-)

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