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Which Beaches in Maui Are Ideal for Advanced Surfers Seeking a Challenge

Surfers Seeking a Challenge in Maui

By Local Pros MauiPublished 25 days ago 3 min read

Of late, a lot of people are interested in pursuing adventure sports and destinations around the world like Maui in Hawaii which is known for its perfect surfing conditions and is packed with surfing enthusiasts from across the globe eager to hit the waters off its coast.

Now, if you are a pro in surfing and want to test your advanced level skills then there are certain beaches in Maui that are just ideal for you. Here in this article, we will discuss the list of beaches that are best for advanced surfers.

Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay is one of the most sought-after beaches in the entire Maui area because it is considered a top spot for advanced surfers because of the size of its waves. The bay is located on the northwestern coast of Maui and is thronged by thousands of surfers eager to try their hands at conquering the massive waves.

Now, if you are visiting Honolua Bay during the winter months, you are going to find a huge crowd of surfers present on the beach. The winter months are exclusively preferred by advanced surfers because it is during this time of the year when the swells over here reach towering heights.

Moreover, the waves on this particular location gain tremendous speed and break over a shallow reef which is considered as perfect conditions for experienced surfers. However, when you are heading out to Honolua Bay, you must remain aware of certain challenges in the form of rocky seabed & strong currents that can create trouble for you.

Hookipa Beach

Hookipa Beach is well-known across the globe for its favorable conditions for windsurfing, however, most visitors are not aware of the fact that Hookipa Beach is also one of the top beaches in Maui for adventurous surfers due to its tough surfing conditions.

If you are looking for long & towering swells then you must definitely head to this beach because you will get a variety of breaks that you might not find elsewhere in Maui. The beach is thronged by surfers both locals and outsiders especially during the winter months because you are going to get waves of height 15 feet or above.

If you are looking forward to challenging your skills as a surfer then you must hit the western end of the beach which is considered ideal for its very strong and quick waves. The reefs are a bit rocky over here but the strong currents make Hookipa a top preferred location for surfers.

Lahaina Breakwall

If you are looking for any good surfing spots on the western side of Maui meant for professional surfers then you must definitely head for the Lahaina Breakwall considered best for advanced level surfers. The breakwall creates a natural left-hand reef break where big swells are easily handled.

The swells produced in this part of Maui are known for their speed and power and as they break over a shallow reef, you should be exceptionally talented to navigate your way safely through this challenge. Besides that, the Lahaina Breakwall is easily accessible from the Lahaina town which makes it convenient for experienced surfers to explore it.

In addition to that, the overall setup of the breakwall helps in producing very consistent and dynamic waves which is just the thing that the majority of advanced level surfers look for to stretch their limits while surfing.

Honokohau Bay

One of the least-known beaches in Maui is the Honokohau Beach located on the north-western coast of the city and is considered a heaven for advanced surfers. You will come across a right-hand point break where fast & hollow waves break over a rocky reef.

During the winter months the beach witnesses a jump in the number of surfers because the swells attain incredible heights and produce strong and consistent waves considered ideal for experienced surfers. In addition to that, some surfers also look for secluded beaches where they can surf without anyone around to disturb them when they are surfing.


The above-discussed beaches are perfect for experienced surfers who are looking for a thrilling outing on their surfing tour to Maui. If you are looking for an outstanding experience then you must definitely book your tickets for Maui in the coming surfing season.


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