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Where to eat as a student in Dublin

Best places to eat if you're a student in Dublin

By ava rosePublished about a year ago 4 min read

Dublin is a beautiful place and if you are starting college in Dublin over the next month or two, then you should be definitely aware of these places for food and drinks. When you go to a new place as a student, then it becomes very difficult to manage expenses. However, everyone loves some good food and thus in this article, you can read about some Instagrammable restaurants where you can eat that too at a reasonable price. 

Dicey’s Garden: Located near the DBS on Harcourt Street, Dicey’s Garden has a carvery that is open every day between 12 pm to 2:30 pm. It should top the list as you can enjoy lunch at only €5 if you are a student. In addition, it is definitely one of the best beer places in the city. You can hang out with your flatmates or even go on a date to this beautiful place and have a nice time. 

McGowan’s: One of the best late-night venues in the city, McGowan’s is located quite close to Phibsborough. This place is not far from the city center and it is one of the north side’s most renowned places to see a great night refuse to die. This place services some amazing chicken wings in the town. They are also open till 11 pm on the weekend so you can enjoy great chicken wings anytime. In addition to it, they also have a different special every night of the week. What more you can ask for? 

Boojum: Another hot favorite of every student, Boojum steals the heart of many with its amazing burritos in the city. It is not uncommon to see a long queue outside their Kevin Street branch. Students are just crazy about their interesting burritos. Who doesn’t mind a healthy and fulfilling meal, especially after a hangover? 

Dtwo: Situated close to Dicey’s Garden, this place is another charmer. It is perfect if you are looking for somewhere to watch the biggest sporting occasions. With more than 20 screens, a nightclub, and a massive beer garden, this place is perfect for any student. Moreover, they have launched Backyard BBQ which you cannot go wrong with at all. So, just put this place on your list. If you love to hop from one place to another then you can go easily between Dtwo and Dicey’s Garden. 

Pitt Bros: Pitt Bros is another amazing place where you can enjoy some amazing barbeque food. Dublin is one of the places where you can enjoy food from different parts of the world and when it comes to barbeque food, you can find different restaurants to provide that. as well as its location down in the Italian Quarter, Pitt Bro’s flagship restaurant is situated down the road from DBS on Dulin’s George’s Street that makes it the ideal place to visit once you have enjoyed a couple of drinks in the nearby pubs. You can have a wide range of food over here. And if you are thinking about something more to make you go here again and again, then the free ice cream is worth mentioning. 

The Green Bench Café: Situated a stone’s throw from DBS on the Montague Street, The Green Bench Café is serving some of the most amazing sandwiches and coffee in the city. This place has been initiated in the year 2012 and till then it is serving some amazing food. You will be glad to know that New York Times have featured them. 

The Woolshed: They don’t have a very big menu to your surprise, but the food is quite good over here. This place is located on Parnell Street, which shows all the big sporting events. Here you can come with your friends and enjoy a pizza or something grilled. The menu is limited but ensures quality. You can just chill here. They also throw offers on Tuesday. Exciting?  

Dublin Pizza Company: If you are bored at your student accommodation Dublin, then head out straight to the Dublin Pizza Company for the love of pizza. This place is situated on Aungier Street and has a reputation for serving some of the finest pizzas in the city center. 

Token: Token is a place to go when you are looking for some games and food together. This place is situated in Smithfield and it serves excellent food. Students here enjoy playing different kinds of arcade games. This restaurant cum bar cum retro arcade-cum pinball parlor will amaze you once you step in here. There is around 32 machines, 22 taps, and of course an amazing menu to suit all the taste buds. The food menu comprises wagyu burger, vegan calamari, hot chicken, and more and the dishes are cooked to order means you can have fresh food every time. As they host a wide number of games, more and more students are excited to visit and participate in the challenges.

Bunsen: When it comes to great, juicy, scrumptious burgers, you must visit Bunsen. They are located at different places like Ranelagh, Wexford Street, South Anne Street as well as Temple Bar. Their burgers are quite special and worth trying out. You can go to any of the places to enjoy their wholesome and tasty burgers. 


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