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What The United Nations Should Know About POVERTY! Part I

Poverty is viewed as a charity, a gift or hand-out, the easy way out, etc., to some countries and people

By Annelise Lords Address 3 Royal Crest Road Hyde Park NY 12538Published 2 months ago 4 min read
Monument dedicated to Jamaican children tragically killed. Image taken by Annelise Lords

I have eaten, drank, slept, breathed, and lived with and among poverty all my life. I live with humans who are fighting indigence, people who don’t live and think as if they are poor, and they are. I live among humans who aren’t aware of the destitution their lives are in. Many are aware of the impoverished state of their affairs and do nothing to help themselves. Others refuse to allow pauperism to win or continue to play any role in their lives and future generations.

I think the United Nations, various charity Organizations, and others treat their intention to end poverty as a charity. Instead of a better way to live and slow down its cycle.

What is the full meaning of poverty?

Poverty is defined as the state or condition where people and communities cannot meet a minimum standard of living because they lack the proper resources. These include (but aren’t limited to) financial resources, basic healthcare and education, clean drinking water, and infrastructure.

Every day, more than 30,000 children die from causes directly linked to poverty. Today, it enables a child’s death every 3 seconds. Children are the primary victims of poverty, which is the main cause of violation of their fundamental rights.

I must know that I am poor to start my journey out of poverty.

How do you notify humans that they are poor?

You can tell and show them, but for the most effective results, they must taste, feel, and experience its consequences for themselves and want to do something about it.

It’s an involuntary action for us to taste something sour or bitter and detest the taste. The opposite is for something sweet.

Poverty isn’t sweet. It is pain for me.

It’s also an involuntary action for us to react negatively to pain and find quick, sensible, and productive solutions.

Then if poverty is pain, humans will want to find ways to fix the problem.

A life of poverty is a painful one that runs deeper than many humans dare to go. Going deep, many might find things they don’t like, unaware that no journey to a better life is without obstacles.

When humans are in pain, they find solutions.

Why aren’t the poor finding solutions to their pain of poverty?

Maybe they don’t know they are poor.

I knew I was poor in the second grade in primary school. The pain grew with me and held on to my heart and soul reminding me of the consequences and results of poverty. While absorbing the pain and witnessing poverty’s destruction and never-ending damage, solutions found me. Ask many of the humans who manage to rise above the hardship’s poverty imposed on their lives. They were aware of the pain and found better solutions.

They took that battle personally and fought like hell to keep it away from themselves and their generation.

To end poverty each individual must take it seriously and start their personal battle to disable it. The solutions to end it must start within the heart and from the pain of the one experiencing it. It must be something they want too.

The UN cannot end something they didn’t start.

I used to live among humans who never paid a bill in their lives, and they lived to be eighty years old. Yes, they utilized the service of light, water, and housing. They have good jobs and never saved a dime or did anything to better themselves. Their children became the victims of their lack of ability to plan and they unintentionally escalate poverty to higher heights.

In these areas, the crime rate is so high, that our government must post soldiers on every Street corner as people are dying daily. Children included. The below monument is dedicated to the Jamaican children tragically killed in poor areas across Jamaica.

Monument dedicated to children tragically killed in Jamaica. Image taken by Annelise Lords

Because of the free mentality, many humans stay in these areas devaluing their lives and their future generations.

Smarter and aware people save to move to a better area where their lives would improve in value and would be surrounded by more hope that would motivate them.

Children became the victims of human’s lack of awareness of their poverty. They are dying at an alarming rate in these poor areas globally. Jamaica had built a monument to their memory adding names from 2004. It’s been 19 years and they are running out of space as more children keep dying in many of these areas that poverty live in.

Not a lot of thought is put into poverty and how destructive it is.

Poverty is never going to end until humans start to treat it as a personal or individual issue that is disrupting their lives. Are disabling dreams. Destroying hope. Dividing humanity, allowing disunity to live. Damaging economies and lives. Poverty has contributed to the destruction of more human lives than anything else in our world, because every day someone dies from its results. Mostly, children.

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work! The struggle is real! We should all be more generous to the poor!

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