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What Should You Write About?

And Why it doesn't Matter

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
What Should You Write About?
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What should I write about?

As writers, this is something we're constantly thinking about, trying to come up with our next subject.

Every day, I mull over potential ideas in my head, jotting the thoughts on my note-taking app or directly onto Vocal or my blog. And I know you do the same, more or less.

But many people wonder if there are certain topics they should write about either because they feel like they have to or simply because it's a trendy topic.

They don't feel like they can just write about whatever they want. Instead, these writers are afraid their pieces won't be well-received. Or they are so worried about making their writing perfect that they never hit the publish button.

But guess what?

You can!

If you're not working for someone and have something you want to discuss, then write! That's one of the beauties of writing online. It doesn't need to be perfect since it does not exist.

And you don't have to stay in one niche. In fact, it's better if you don't.

Writing about one thing can bore you and your readers fast, especially if it's a super-specific niche. And I'm not talking about novels, although this post can apply to books. I mean article posts and the other stuff you'll see on sites like Vocal and Medium.

Some of the most prolific creators on these platforms aren't afraid to write about what's on their minds. And they don't care if they piss off a few people.

Even I had to learn that sticking to one niche wasn't going to help me be seen or become better.

Now I write about writing, editing, fiction stories, poems, pieces that I can't put into a genre, and personal experiences. I even revamped one of my college papers about education.

Talking about trendy topics isn't a good idea either. Trends change fast, probably faster than you can write. And why discuss something a hundred already have their perspectives on?

I'm not saying you can't write about the trends at all. For example, you might be inspired by a certain topic and want to discuss it or create a counterargument. There have been a few posts of mine that were inspired by another article.

But don't focus solely on trends.

Writing on different subjects in different genres can help you become a better writer. I know that was the case for me.

When I first started writing, I only wrote fiction pieces and full-blown books. And that was the case when I first joined Vocal, and you can see that on my page if you scroll back far enough.

But I quickly learned that the more subjects you write on, the more likely people are going to find you.

Of course, you will encounter the assholes who will bash your work because they have nothing better to do with their time or because of their insecurities.

But you know what? Screw them. You have to ignore the haters and keep going. They will only weigh you down.

You will find your group of people who appreciate your creativity, even if it takes a while. As of now, I have sixteen subscribers on Vocal and over thirty followers on Medium.

It will also help if you can find challenges to enter. Vocal always has at least one, and Medium does theirs periodically. But there are plenty of online contests to enter.

So, as long as it's true to you and something you care about, it doesn't matter what you write. Readers will sense your passion and come back for more.

Until next time, keep on writing!

Thank you for the read! Likes, shares, subscriptions, and pledges are always cherished.


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