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What’s New in Gojek Clone 2023 App?

About KingX Pro 2023 App

By Carol JohnPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

Do you want to launch a successful business this year? Entrepreneurs, here is some good news for you. The Gojek Clone 2023 app is here with even more services and convenience to offer you.

If you are ready to launch a multi-service business, this blog is a must-read for you. Here, we will learn about the many services of this app and finally, see where you can buy the best solution for your business.

So, let’s begin without further ado!

The Brand-new Advanced Services of This App like Gojek

Let's begin with learning in-depth about the futuristic features of the Gojek-like application.

Buy and Sell Real Estate

Under this service component, your customers can buy and sell commercial and residential properties online.

To post a listing, the customer has to click on ‘New Listing’ and add all the required information like a small description, photos, condition, price, etc.

Whereas, the buyer can search for a suitable property from the many listings and connect with the seller via the in-app call and message feature.

Buy, Sell, and Rent Cars

The Gojek Clone 2023 app is the best platform for your customers to buy, sell, or rent pre-owned cars.

Here, users can post the listing with all the essential details of the car, price, and photos so that potential buyers know every little detail about the vehicle.

Moreover, interested buyers can see the price, compare the different listings, and with their suitable choice in mind, call or message the seller.

Everything happens online, thus, it takes only a few clicks to search for a pre-owned car for buying or renting!

Buy, Sell, and Rent General Items

Just like cars, your users can also buy, sell, or rent general items like mobile phones, laptops, home appliances, furniture, etc. on this app.

Additionally, if a user wants to get more leads quickly, they can purchase the paid plan to boost their listing. Now, their listing will be marked as ‘featured’ on the app and will be shown on top of all the other listings.

This will boost the ad’s visibility on the Gojek Clone 2023 app and the seller will be able to get genuine leads almost instantly!


Under this component, any user traveling alone in their car from one city to another post their ride and offer carpool services. They can set a reasonable price on every empty seat!

Other passengers from the departure city can see the ride and book a seat in the empty car. This ridesharing service allows the rider to find safe rides while the other user who has posted the ride gets to save money on the journey.

In short, the cost of the journey is shared!

Nearby Businesses

This service allows your users to search for nearby businesses like stores, restaurants, or other event places.

By tapping on the business’s profile on the Gojek Clone 2023 app, the user will be able to see the following information:

● Name

● Location on the map

● Call option

● Opening and closing time

● Option to book a taxi

● Option to order food

● Small description

The user can easily search the business and know the basics of the place.

Track Your Family

Another amazing service introduced on this app is - tracking your family. Via this service, your users will be able to track their kid’s school bus or their sibling/spouse/friend’s staff vehicle.

The only requirement is that the school/organization must be registered on the application.

After the registration of students/employees and the driver, an invite code is generated. The code is then sent to the family members who then can set up the profile on the app and start tracking their family members in real time.

Medical Services

The Gojek Clone 2023 app lets your customers get on-demand medical services with a single click.

Under this service component, your customers can:

● Book an ambulance

● Order medicines online

● Schedule an online video consultation

● Book an appointment with the doctor

● Book an appointment at the pet’s vet

● Order blood/plasma from a nearby blood bank.

In short, with the new services of this multi-service app, you will be able to make more money, become successful, and become the industry's KING!

Find the Best Gojek-like App

In conclusion, it is time to find out where you can find the Gojek Clone 2023 app.

Well, Clone App Development Company offers Gojek-like apps. They are the pioneers of the industry and know what you and your market exactly want.

So, why miss the chance when you can still grab the best business solution of 2023?

Connect with App Development Company and get this app like Gojek today.


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