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What is success? - part 2

everyone can have their own opinion about success. that opinion is the combustion for one’s success

By Cosmin ChildPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
What is success? - part 2
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Success is: Meditation!

Psychologists would define it as: “the ability of a person to set and achieve their own personal and professional goals, whatever they may be.” It sounds simple, but over time this definition will fluctuate from one individual to another.

The main goal is to succeed in our style, or acceptable to us, whether it is a better job, a suitable life partner, or the desire to be a better parent. The ideals of youth give way to mature reality and the need for compromises.

What worries us at some point? To advance professionally, to enjoy a happy marriage, to be loving supporters for our children, etc. How will we be able to cope with the harshness and obstacles of life? Is it enough to have high marks to overcome professional or personal problems? And many say, “He was smart when he did that.” But doesn’t that mean smart or clever?

Success is: The sum of the qualities consciously acquired and recognized

Success is the fulfillment of a clear and precise goal and the recognition of success by other members of the community. It is personal and personalized for each of us and is characteristic of each community. Success means performance, it is the optimal ratio between the target we want to reach and the one we will reach, in the conditions in which we will gain the appreciation for reaching the proposed goal.

Success is: my success

If we are still on this site and trying to believe we are “future” successful people, we should let go of romances and dreams and think about what it means to be fulfilled.

I think this is the true meaning of success: to be fulfilled from all your points of view.

Many so-called successful people have nothing but a recognized name. And? Where is happiness?

And I, like you, want to be successful, to have everything, to be recognized, to have security, and much more. But I think the most important thing is to be at peace… with the thought that you did everything in your power, everything you knew, to get where you are now.

Have no regrets if possible.

To be successful means for me to have true friends, who value my opinions, to have parents proud of me, and colleagues who appreciate me.

And if you have ambition, not a lot of mind (but you like to learn and work), and a little luck, with the help of the people around you you might get to know your name.

Maybe not as “the richest” or “the best lover”, but certainly as “the best”!

Success is: Success

Success cannot have a standard definition;

he is defined by each individual.

depending on the purpose proposed and followed by the action to achieve it.

FOR ATHLETES = OLYMPIC MEDAL: coach = winning the biggest championship, the examples could continue.

and for me at this moment success = winning a Training = free

Success is: The success?!?!….

Most of us think, perhaps, at least once a month about what it means for him to be successful… And we realize, to our amazement, that we do not always find the same definition of what success means to us… There are times when success is revealed to us that the maximum satisfaction that transpires from our sentimental, or professional life, or relationships with friends or why not, simply from the simple fact that we are a sociable person… Maybe for some of us to be successful means to he had a wide circle of friends, to be in the center of attention for certain activities, or be appreciated by our family for what he is…. That is why we can say that success is revealed to each of us depending on how we perceive our “reality” in correlation with ourselves and also with those around us. Although most of the time being successful means relating to a certain standard, we must not forget that the objective meaning of the word “standard” is transformed into something subjective by the filtering that takes place with the help of the personality of each of us. Therefore, the notion of success cannot be defined in an absolute way, nor can we predict “recipes to achieve” success.

Success is knowing our limits

Success is knowing our limits. It is a form of self-knowledge, of self-transcendence that can guarantee its attainment.

The approach to success is easy if we are aware of the limits of our training, of our level of training.


Success means OVERCOMING!

And everyone can be successful in a certain field again.

You just have to know your VOCATION

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