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What interesting veteran legends have you heard?

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By 肖湾Published 2 years ago 4 min read
What interesting veteran legends have you heard?
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In March 1945, Sun Tingjiang, a 31-year-old farmer, wanted to join the army. He said to his wife, "If I die in the war, you can remarry. If you want to live, come back and live your life!" Sun Tingjiang is phenomenon.the fog home village after village, in shandong province in 1941 to join the party, as a village head, ana countryside catch civilian worker, day and night, the villagers hide everywhere, there's not back, have to can't, the girl in the village all the plaster on the face, like a woman, he is angry and worry, but the power of the village head alone is not enough, so he wants to simply join the army, Go straight to the devil. ", his mother said to him, "Go on, you are the head of the village, so you can take the lead. If no one is a soldier, how can you drive away the God of misery?" The wife said, "You are so old, you have a family, you can't go?" "Sun Tingjiang said to his wife," If this one doesn't join the army and that one doesn't join the army, won't it be that the Japanese devils will bully you? If I die in the war, remarry; If you want to live, come back and live your life!" After persuading his family, Sun mobilized 11 boys from the same village to join the fourth Yimeng Mountain Regiment of the Eighth Route Army, and he was appointed squad leader. In April 1945, Sun Tingjiang with forces attacked in yinan county town of copper well, ana, this is his first fight, the enemy, a total of more than 500 people in the town of outside also occupies the two defense pillbox, searchlight, patrol has been scanning the forefront, ana with machine guns and mortars, the eighth route army only hand grenades and explosives. Troops attack, two of the enemy's fort three pretty machine rob kept shooting, and more than 30 soldiers casualties, had to blow up the two bunkers, according to the bunker distance and the thickness of the wall body, forces estimates will need 80 catties of charge to blow up the turret, but can give charge into the bunker six blasting class warriors were sacrificed, Sun Tingjiang instructor for instructions to the sun, Sun Tingjiang felt that the bombing of the fort can not rely on brute force, can not be unnecessarily sacrificed, considering that it is inconvenient to crawl forward with the explosive bag, Sun Tingjiang found three villagers, borrowed 10 meters of rope, a head of explosives, a head of tied to his waist, he carried on the bayonet rifle, and so on when it was dark, began to act. The blockhouse was on the post, and beneath it were the bodies of the soldiers. Sun Tingjiang threw away the body a little bit, make a narrow way to climb up, he saw the devil red bullets flying, bullets swept past, red into a piece. He felt that the enemy's artillery fire could not hit him again, he told himself: "I go to the battlefield is to beat the devil, dead pull down," he was no longer afraid, climbed to the bunker root, he began to pull the rope, the bag of explosives to the front, and then rolled the rope, he considered that he had to return to the villagers. Then he placed the charge bag between the two bunkers and waited. He observed, the devil machine gun shot, re-loaded to take two or three minutes to press shuttle, he heard nothing, the devil began to change bullets, he pulled the fuse, the body to the outside. With a bang, the bunker was blown up, the puppet inside the bunker fell a piece, alive devil is covered with blood, but also tried to resist, Sun Tingjiang with bayonet rushed up, stabbed three enemies, comrades rushed up, destroyed the rest of the Japanese army, the puppet surrendered. Yishui County war, Yimeng Mountain 4 regiment soldiers casualties of nearly 200 people, Sun Tingjiang many injuries, ears were shocked temporarily deaf, because of the explosion of the enemy bunker, Sun Tingjiang won the battle, after the injury was promoted to platoon commander. After the victory of the war, the Sun Tingjiang still follow forces participated in the liberation war, the Korean war, the war of liberation period, he actively combat, participated in the liberation of siping, the liberation of jinzhou, liberation of hainan island, etc, in the Korean war, he followed forces fighting in dandong into the again, repeatedly won the meritorious military service, got eight medal. In 1953, Sun Tingjiang was demobilized, and the organization arranged him to work in Qitaihe Coal Mine in Heilongjiang Province. Facing the organization's care for him, Sun Tingjiang replied: "We'll be farming and doing nothing. It's good to be home." He back to the village to see the eight years of mother and wife and children respectively, he learned that from the house of fog after 11 young man joined the army with him, were sacrificed in the Anti-Japanese War, liberation war, for which he suffered for a long time, often go to martyr's family visit, since then, Sun Tingjiang at home with my family and in the fog zhuang village farming, 1970, Sun Tingjiang and his children came to live in Minqiang Village, Dashou Town, Dunhua City, Jilin Province. On September 2, 2015, Sun Tingjiang was invited to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. As a witness of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and a hero of the people, he was honored to receive a commemorative medal for the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. Sun Tingjiang said: "When the hard scenes of the war, as if in front of my eyes, now the motherland has made such great achievements, let my blood boil." In 2022, Sun Tingjiang is 108 years old and living peacefully in Dunhua City, Jilin Province. Pay tribute to Sun Tingjiang, the veteran of the Anti-Japanese War!

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