What Digital Marketing Strategy Will Help My Business Grow in 2020?

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The optimization techniques you were using years ago might not be effective today. SEO as a whole has gradually evolved into a more intellectual discipline.

What Digital Marketing Strategy Will Help My Business Grow in 2020?

In the SEO world, things are continually growing and evolving.

The optimization techniques you were using years ago might not be effective today. SEO as a whole has gradually evolved into a more intellectual discipline. Within SEO, focused strategies for growing organic traffic exists along with things such as keyword gap analysis and competitor gap analysis.

In an ever-increasing competitive market, all digital marketing agency in derby are coming up with sophisticated strategies to make their clients business a successful one. So, what are the basic nuts and bolts components of SEO that these companies focus on?

  • Keyword targeting (keywords)
  • Search volume on targeted keywords
  • Traffic coming from organic search
  • Number of conversions from those searches
  • SEO Techniques to focus in 2020

All of us are already keeping our digital marketing strategies aligned with decent keyword targeting and quality content. What unique can be done in this new decade? Here’s a sneak peek to where you can converge your efforts in 2020:

On-page Optimization

Here’s the list of all latest on-page SEO procedures that you must focus on this year:

  • Optimizing your website for phenomenal user experience (UX)
  • Laser-target the relevant keywords on your website
  • Maintain a seamless transition between devices
  • Effortless sharing through social networks
  • Making your website bot/crawler accessible
  • Integrating primary and secondary keywords in the meta description

Technical SEO

Technical SEO deals with making your website more crawler friendly. The technical part of SEO doesn’t deal with content or links but is solely technical in each aspect, which includes the following:

  • Optimization of the navigation and architecture of your website
  • Canonicalization of the URLs
  • Optimization of URL structure
  • Analysis of all the error pages (5xx, 4xx, 3xx, etc.)
  • Everything related to robots.txt.
  • Checking the page loading speed
  • SSL implementation

The cross-platform capability of the website

Make sure your web marketing strategy is top-notch with competent website design in derby. If you’re aiming at optimizing your website for best SEO effects, then make sure you take suggestions from experts in the field.

Know the difference between White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO

According to industry experts, there are three ways in which people are carrying out SEO:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO

The white hat SEOs follow Google’s webmaster guidelines word by word. They are the messiah of SEO for clients, as they are ethical and transparent and provide all the details and links that they build for the client. They aim at implementing the techniques that’ll be sustainable for the long-term.

The black hat SEOs are the ones who aren’t afraid to embrace the latest shortcuts to rank high, regardless of how unethical they are from Google’s guidelines. These SEOs are the ones who use tools such as SENuke, Scrapebox, and XRumert to get short term results.

The grey hat SEOs are a healthy mix of the above two. Usually, they use a black hat technique for research purposes but not for execution. They utilize the white hat approach for achieving sustainable results in the long-term. Most of the modern SEOs you might meet will be the grey hat ones.

There’s nothing morally right or wrong with this, but if you’re aiming at getting some long-term results and want to stay in the good books of Google, then you must choose to be a white hat or grey hat SEO.

Sole SEO Tip for 2020

If you expect that once you add some long-tail or LSI keywords to your webpage content, you’ll achieve amazing results overnight! Then you must know, this is not at all how SEO works. However, this technique of yours will seldom work.

Alternately, it would be best if you aimed at implementing a multi-pronged approach that will lead to creating a solid foundation for solving numerous other issues across diverse SEO elements. Focusing on single aspects of SEO will only help attain sub-par results that will only display a blip in your Google Analytics report.

Follow an organized approach to keep the demands, desires, and pain points of users as your sole focus to deliver an unmatched quality result or solution for their query.

Come up with an answer to your user’s query, and you’ll automatically notice your SERP performance going up.

Natalie Ige
Natalie Ige
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