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wasting your time; 24.11.21

By a catPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

What should I do next?

What should I have done?

What am I doing?

What do I still even have to do?

All those things left said, done, undone. All the things I should, shouldn't, have should..? What?

I am supposed to be doing something yet I don't know, and here I am, probably not doing it, doing some other things than what I should even be doing. I am doing nothing, but typing keys on a keyboard rather than doing what I think I should be doing. What do you think I should be doing? What should you be doing?

Did I even say that correctly? What am I-

oh god, shut up.

I think I'm starting to remember.

Nope, nothing, false alarm sorry.

Let's try that again, I am clearly doing something right now. I am writing down what I'm trying to think of what I should be doing, to do, have yet to do, and doing so. What do you think?

Okay. Shouldn't you be doing something right now? Are you watching me doing something I shouldn't even do? Creepy-

Do you know me? I don't know you. If you don't know me. We know nothing, I can live with that.

My name is- you can call me whatever, as you can see above there, on my profile- ehem, stalker.

Sorry, what? I said nothing, I can't hear you, you can't hear me either. Hah

Hello, how are you? Oh I'm fine too, right now I am doing-

Right. Nothing, I am doing nothing right now, I'm sure. I quite like the view here. Do you have cats? I like cats. Do you have dogs? I am- not really a fan but they are cute. Do you have a plant? I've always wanted acatcus.

Yet, I can never, so I'll just be one. Haha, so...

DO you have anything to do today? How's your day? Is the weather lovely? I'm from Asia, it's very humid here. Not really my type, but we can never really pick where we're born. Anyways, so.

Yeah, I got nothing. I'm just bored if you've noticed. Got really nothing to do much in here but just, you know. You don't but you could nod, yeah?

Do you really have nothing to do? Are you still here? You know we both cannot see, hear, or know each other by chance unless you actually try to email me, it's there, in the link. If you wanna know more about my boring life, what I'm doing, pretty much so.

If you appreciate silence, I'd be glad. It's quite nice, and this is nice. Nice to meet you btw, if you're new here. And completely don't know me at all. You should subscribe- email me, whatever, contact me. I'm very thoughtful... in a way.

Yeah, I have nothing more to say, I'm very- err, in a way, I can't describe either. I'm just wringing out words from my mind, and my brain is very quite worked up already, for having been asleep till, some time ago, I think.

If you are not like me, very good. If you know what I'm talking about and is very much like me, get a doctor geez, not really very healthy, and not recommended by anyone. Well, unless you really wanna be that way or have no choice at all, feel free to read with me, visit me, read to me. I'm very much up for anything to get off my mind here and get my brian worked up, so I can figure out what I'm trying to do here.

I like writing, it has been my hobby for many years now, and I have not lived long, I can say that I can call myself a writer and creator since I face the difficulties of much yet some things writers don't talk about. As you can see, I haven't produced a lot of works, but my link is open for anyone to communicate with, share ideas with. free of charge, unless you want to donate, of course, ideas, ehe.

Oh, you have to go now? Not really, same here, my neck hurts and my fingers hurt from keyboard clacking sounds that also hurt my ears yet tell I'm so productive. Do visit again.

I remember, wow, deja vu, feels like I have done this before.

Ah yes, I have nothing to do in the first place. And all I did for the past few minutes you've been reading this, is staring at me, doing nothing but blabber about what- I don't even know, ha. Oh right, waste your time.

Gotcha. Goodbye.


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a cat

Asian, Weird, Surreal, and Queer.

Let me learn, I'll write about it.

Give me paint, I'll recreate it.

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