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By Cyrus EmersonPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 3 min read
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Weather Alert.

Right now, it is 87-degrees in Miami, Florida, only it feels like 98-degrees according to AccuWeather. There’s wind not more than 10-miles per hour from the Northeast.

At this time, residents are dealing with horrific flooding after recent storms hit the region with more than a foot of rain in some Southern Florida areas.

Unfortunately, more severe weather is expected after the Father’s Day weekend. While a death toll hasn’t been officially released at this point, these storms are expected to claim lives as quality of life deteriorates from a lack of power and rising mosquito population carrying the threat of disease. Plus E. coli infections transmitted in the way Virginia Department of Health officials are testing in Lake Anna.

Woody Harrelson.

Hello West Coast Milblogger fans, we’re back with another funny meme From A to Z had commissioned to support a screenplay competing in Hollywood script writing contests this Summer of 2024.

As you can see, it’s Woody Harrelson, who starred in Zombieland. Members of The Black List know the character twists we’re promoting to entice possible Producers of Z-Dead screenplay. Lets just say, he’s graduated to the next level in this new zombie apocalyptic thriller, while staying real to his celebrity career roots.

Florida Hemp.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, along with 19-Republic attorney generals from different states, all asked the Supreme Court to block climate change action. That’s according to The Haake Take on Substack.

What makes this meaningful is his vetoing of a Florida bill that would have restricted hemp cultivation this week. In his veto, he talks about CBD. It’s being said, Florida is once again creating a culture war. This time between Hemp and Marijuana.

Governor DeSantis is supporting the Hemp Industry because of CBD products. A market the Marijuana Industry has a lead in. DeSantis is hoping Hemp can hold of Marijuana in Florida to take the lead in smokeable and eatable CBD. As covered in Pandemic Manifesto, once Trump made hemp federally legal his administration overregulated nullifying economic benefit. The main reasoning CBD.

West Coast Milblogger became a thing because of bankruptcy following this decision as From A to Z tried to help foster a new green economy by using Hemp for timber products, paper, plastic, and textile production.

Going back to the thesis of this segment, not even Democrats applaud Governor DeSantis for taking a lead on new green economy to fight climate change, because the other 24,999 uses of hemp are missing from his veto explanation.

Russians in Cuba.

90-miles off the coast of Florida, a Russian ice-breaker, nuclear submarine, and two other ships dock in Cuba. Yet this isn’t the Cuban Missile crisis 2.0 as Putin 2.0 would want us all to believe.

As Combat Vet News reports, in 1962 ICBMs were not like the ones we have today. So, the Russians threatening to bring nuclear missiles to the island nation was the first-time in history America would have had reliable nuclear weapons pointed at the country.

Today, there are more than 10-thousand nuclear warheads pointed at the US every minute. At any second, Russia, China, and North Korea have the ability to hit the button sending a nuclear missile into space for reentry on American soil. That’s what the country remains alert for at every moment.

This small Russian flotilla offers no new threats. Signaling from the Kremlin manifesting in a ship tour CNN was allowed to take on the frigate, Gorshkov. The sailors onboard smiling and answering questions politely. The only signs of tension seen from an armed guard monitoring the main deck, the short tour, and the counting of guests.

Remember, this all happening during a Peace Conference in Switzerland attended by Ukraine’s President while Russia has been excluded. This forced Colombia’s President to skip the meeting saying the results were predetermined to extend the war.

He might be right, as Italy’s Prime Minister declares Russia must be defeated if they are unwilling to withdraw their troops for the greater good of humanity. A line as been drawn from the lessons of World War II, yet this seems to be forcing us into a War World III, a war NATO knows it can win now while being mindful of the realities of a nuclear conflict.

In Conclusion.

In a couple of weeks, we should learn the results of the 2024 USA Today Network Veterans in Journalism Fellowships application. Is West Coast Milblogger going to be syndicated? Stay tuned.

Plus, we have five more weeks of funny memes promoting our screenplay Z-Dead. Final word on contest submissions is in November. We’ve got a while to go.

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