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We Have a Ghost Review and summary

We Have a Ghost Summary, its good to watch

By RICHARDPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

We Have a Ghost:

"we have a Ghost" is a 2023 supernatural comedy film that revolves around a own family who movements into a haunted residence in Illinois. The youngest son, Kevin, soon discovers that the house is certainly haunted through a ghost named Ernest. The own family will become an overnight social media sensation after locating Ernest in their new domestic. Kevin and Ernest in the end cross rogue to discover how Ernest died so he can "pass over". The film has a sturdy solid, an exciting plot, and thrilling movement sequences. However, it tries to be too many things right now and fails at maximum of them. The ghost isn't scary, but a few scenes can get creepy, like whilst the ghost contorts his body, melts his face, or attempts to strangle a lady with a skinless arm that emerges from internal his mouth. Usual, "we have a Ghost" is a goofy however creepy supernatural story with language and violence. The movie is a bit everywhere in the map and overly long, however still exciting.

Based totally on a brief tale known as Ernest with the aid of Geoff Manaugh, “we've got a Ghost” opens with the Presley own family shifting to a fixer-top in Chicago. Father Frank (Anthony Mackie) is suffering to make ends meet and to hold a healthy relationship together with his increasingly-distant son Kevin (Jahi Di’Allo Winston, so correct in “attraction city Kings” and on “the whole lot Sucks!”). Almost at once after their arrival, Kevin is exploring the attic while he encounters a trapped soul named Ernest (David Harbour, giving a silent overall performance). Ernest can’t communicate however has been scaring away population since the ‘70s whilst he died. Kevin doesn’t get scared. He movies Ernest together with his smartphone, and there’s a viral ghost.

Consider if there has been an actual ghost all over TikTok and YouTube. What could appear? Landon doesn’t do nearly enough with this rich idea and just has human beings screaming out of doors the Presley home, along with a man dressed like Jesus. It’s exciting to observe Frank try to use Ernest’s existence as a cash infusion, turning into a cultural agent of types. He even brings in a nearby medium for an come across with Ernest, a scene that allows for one of the movie’s greater mind-blowing effects and potential memes from a Jennifer Coolidge cameo. However there’s not sufficient accomplished with the concept of what evidence of the afterlife might mean. It doesn’t must be deeply philosophical, however even a bit shallow exploration may have stuffed this idea out a piece.

As an alternative, “we've a Ghost” shifts an excessive amount of attention to a mystical scientist named Dr. Leslie Monroe (Tig Notaro) and her CIA boss Arnold Schipley (Steve Coulter). Landon’s movie will become some thing of a chase/street film in its middle as Ernest, Kevin, and their scene-stealing neighbor pleasure (Isabella Russo) try to get away the armed guards and get to the lowest of why this terrible guy hasn’t fully moved to the subsequent aircraft of lifestyles. Of direction, “we've got a Ghost” becomes a piece of a whodunit too as Ernest learns approximately what actually befell to him, such as the identification of his killer.

Harbour is powerful in a overall performance that might have been all exaggerated mugging to compensate for zero speak, and Winston nonetheless looks like a future superstar; he is so confident and natural at a young age. There’s sufficient to like here simply within the two of them to preserve teens and their parents from checking social media too regularly even as it performs, however it lacks that thrust that would lead them to positioned the phones down for true. There’s just a loss of urgency, particularly within the very last act, which repeats thoughts and then ends greater than once. This movie desires to hum like “Freaky” and “happy dying Day,” which had been significantly shorter (and felt tighter).

Even as “we've a Ghost” sags in places, it in no way completely fades into the stupid background of Netflix originals of past due. We won't have an outright winner, but we do have a decent diversion.

On Netflix now.

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