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Vocal Virgin

by Kat MayKnow 11 months ago in satire

My Vocal Cherry

Vocal Virgin
Photo by T. Q. on Unsplash

So this is it. This is my chance to get things out of my brain and ultimately, infecting yours instead. You're welcome.

I do not have a genre. I write what comes to mind. Sometimes I journal. Sometimes I create short stories. My short stories might be created for a young audience or a mature audience. It just depends on my mood. I also will write in first-person viewpoint and third person. So you can’t really take me too seriously. It could be a total work of fiction even though I am using “I” and “me”.

I do have a novel I am working on. But that is all I am going to say about that. I have found that when dealing with the public's opinion, less is more from my end. I would hate it if an avid follower of my spirituality writings was disappointed because my novel was created for pre-teens. Or if those that loved my horror work were bummed because the novel was a comedy sci-fi. I don't anticipate the novel being finished any time soon, so there's going to be a multitude of chances to try to guess or get it out of me.

I wish I could better pinpoint and narrow down a genre for you. It seems as though those that write to a genre-specific audience tend to do much better with the success of their work. But I just don’t work that way. Whatever my sumeš (Salish for spirit power/guide) guides me to is what I write about. I have just never put it out here so publicly before. So be kind. Handle me with kid gloves. But don’t be afraid to offer constructive criticism. I always welcome the opportunity for improvement. Wait… do we even get to review others’ work? Or is it just views that tell us if it’s worth the read? Wow… I guess I should probably research this a bit before I go opening my trap pretending to know what the hell I am doing.

I tend to speak from the heart… which can be a good thing or a bad thing. I often have no filter so I tend to get a slap on the hand (or a punch to the shoulder) every now and then to remind me to watch my Ps and Qs. Nothing I write is intended to offend anyone. I come from a very diverse background so I’m knowledgeable about a lot of different cultures and lifestyles. So believe me when I write something that may make you raise an eyebrow, it’s more for shock value than anything else. And it’s probably because I have either lived that experience or know someone that has.

I don't know much about Vocal. I am very very new here. So I thought maybe I could overcome the nervousness of the first time intimate act of exposing my naked brain to you. In a sense, I am a virgin all over again. A Vocal virgin, if you will. Congratulations... You have been chosen to experience this unique and intimate act where I try to seduce you in to my mind. I want you to enjoy yourself so much that you come again and again and again, experimenting with new stories every time.

Did it suddenly get like 10 degrees warmer in here? Wow... I think I am going to change in to a tank top, pull out my notebook, and begin working on brainstorms for my first fiction entry on Vocal. It was a pleasure having you in my mind and I hope you do return for more satisfying intellectual fun. Until then…


Kat MayKnow

I share what I know. How much do I know? Who knows? I may know. You just never know. Ya know?

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Kat MayKnow
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