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Vocal Media Vs. Medium: Which Is Better For New Writers

The battle for the best blog site begins now!

By Jay KobayashiPublished 11 months ago 4 min read

The rise of digital publishing platforms has made it easier for writers to share their work with a larger audience. Two of the most popular platforms are Vocal Media and Medium. Both platforms offer a space for writers to publish their work and connect with readers, but they differ in terms of their approach, features, and community. In this entry of the Vs. Series, we will compare and contrast Vocal Media and Medium to help new writers determine which platform is better suited for their needs.

Overview Of Vocal Media

Vocal Media launched in 2016 and aimed to empower writers by providing them with a space to share their stories and connect with a global community of readers. The platform is unique in a way that it offers writers to publish their stories on topic specific verticals that caters to specific niches such as travel, food, and pop culture. One of the key features of Vocal Media is its rewards program where writers can earn money by participating in challenges and getting tips from readers.

Overview Of Medium

Medium launched in 2012 and was designed to be a space for writers to share their ideas and connect with readers. Known for its clean and minimalist design, the platform focuses on the content rather than bombarding its audience with distracting ads. One of the key features of Medium is its curation system where a team of curators select articles to be featured on the front page of the website. This means that writers have the potential to reach a larger audience if their work is selected for curation.

User Interface Design

When it comes to comparing the two digital platforms one of the key factors that determines a writer’s success on any platform is going to be the user interface. Both Vocal Media and Medium offer easy-to-use interfaces that anyone can easily master with enough time. However, Vocal Media slightly edges out Medium in terms of user-friendliness. As Vocal Media’s interface is really designed to be straightforward and to the point, allowing new writers to publish their content in minutes. Additionally, Vocal Media provides a detailed guide on how to use their platform, making it easier for writers to get started.

“Can’t help but comment how clean this looks.” | Screenshot: Vocal Media

Medium, on the other hand, has a more complex interface, with a variety of options and features that may overwhelm new writers. However, Medium provides an extensive FAQ section, which makes it easier for new writers to understand the platform’s functionalities. In addition, it is important to note that Medium offers easier access for writers to edit their work at any point in time, while Vocal requires a bit of attentiveness.

Distribution And Exposure

Distribution and exposure of your written work is always going to be a concern when it comes to deciding between digital platforms, as it can literally make or break your chances of becoming a successful writer. Vocal Media has a smaller audience when compared to Medium, but it is more targeted to specific niches and topics. By publishing in the niche communities on Vocal Media, you are likely to attract readers who are interested in specific topics, which can lead to more engagement and interaction with readers.

“What to write in order to go viral?” | Screenshot: Medium

Medium, on the other hand, has a larger audience with millions of readers visiting the site every month. While this can be beneficial for exposure, it also means that there is a lot of competition, so new writers really have to produce quality content in order to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, since Medium covers a broad range of topics, it can be more challenging to find an audience that is interested in a particular niche.

Earning Potential

Arguably the most important thing when it comes to comparing the two digital platforms. The earning potential for each website is an essential factor to consider when choosing an online publishing platform. Vocal Media and Medium use drastically different ways to monetize their content for the website and for their writers.

“How Vocal Media pays their writers.” | Credit: Vocal Media

Vocal Media pays writers based on the number of views their articles receive. Meaning if your article gets 1,000 external views due to good SEO tactics, means that you are going to get paid for all 1,000 views. However, the payout rate depends on whether or not you are part of their subscription Vocal+.

The payout rate without the membership is $3.80 per 1,000 reads, however with the membership, it becomes $6.00 per 1,000 reads. While the payout rate is considerably low by most standards, Vocal Media also offers bonuses for participation in challenges and contests, some of which pay out to as much as $1,000.

“How Medium pays their writers.” | Credit: Medium

Medium on the other hand, does not offer a direct monetization program for writers unless they are part of the Medium Partner Program. The Partner Program requires writers to have 100 followers, and all of their content must align with Medium’s quality guidelines. Once writers fit all of the criteria, they can start earning for their content, however, they can only earn money from readers who pay for Medium’s monthly subscription. Meaning writers on the platform would really have to try hard to get those views in order to receive a decent payout.


By Luke Lung on Unsplash

Overall, both Vocal Media and Medium are excellent platforms for new writers. When it comes to new writers who are looking to immediately get paid for their written works, Vocal Media may be a better option for writers. Ultimately, writers should consider their priorities and their abilities when it comes to deciding on a platform to publish all of their writings.

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  • Judey Kalchik 11 months ago

    This is a good explanation of the two platforms. I tend to suggest people join both, and cross-post content between them. That maximizes all of the work that goes in to creating content. And- if you are a writer for Medium, you could link your Medium profile and/or membership link to your Vocal stories.

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