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Visiting with the Amish

by Kristina Steffy a day ago in travel

Part 1 Pennsylvania Amish Valley

Amish House

My husband and I work with the Amish. My husband’s Amish Co-worker wanted to go to his home town in Pennsylvania.SO we decides we would take James (My husband’s co-worker) and his family to Pennsylvania. They had planned for us to stay in James Brother’s house while we were there. It was a very interesting trip! So I decided to write a little story about it. It was the first time I have ever been in an Amish home.

P.S… Names are changed for privacy.

Malachi (my husband) and James had been planning to go to PA for a while. James wanted to show Malachi his home town as well as all the hunting spots! The reasons they wanted to go in the first place was to hunt. Adeline (me) wasn't quite sure she really wanted to go. A few days before, she mentioned to her mother-in-law just how she felt.

"Mama, I just don't really know if I am up to going to PA. Malachi is going off hunting with James... I will have nothing to do! I know 100% of the time; it’s going to be awkward staying back at the house with the Amish ladies. I really can't keep a conversation going at all!" she looked at her mother-in-law for some advice.

"Well, dear, you could always just go hunting with him. I am sure he won't mind."

"Yeah, but I will feel seriously awkward going off with all the men! James' brother Richard will be going along too! Not only that I don’t even have a hunting license. Either way I feel like it will be awkward and boring..."

“Then you could always just stay here" Roselyn shrugged her shoulders.

Adeline was defeated on what to do. She was stuck. She couldn't stay home! She would miss Malachi way to much! They had not stayed the night without each other yet, since their marriage two years ago. Just parting ways for 3 or 4 days made Adeline's heart ache! She was seriously thinking about it though. As much as she loved reading and hearing about the Amish she always felt awkward around them. She's not sure what she could say or do to not offend them, which makes her very fidgety, and cautious.

Malachi walked into his parents’ home. He was tired and worn out from work. His wife had text him to let him know she was over at his parents’ house. He came to pick her up. "Adeline, I'm back from work, are you going to be ready to go home soon?" Adeline had to drop off her truck for her brother-in-law to take the Amish man, Joshua while she was gone.

Adeline and Malachi went home. Once they got home she expressed her feelings to her husband.

"Honey, if you really don't want to go with us you don't have to. I know I would really miss you though." he pulled his wife close and gave her a hug. Just thinking about leaving her behind made him miss her already.

Adeline felt like she was about to cry, thinking about her husband being so far away without her. They were really close and never wanted to part. They only would if they had to or at least try.

She sighed "As much as I don't really want to go, I want to go. You will be gone, and what if you need someone else to drive? I can't bear the thought of you leaving to PA without me. Plus, I would worry about you the whole time! You and you’re driving..." She gave him that wifey look when he does something wrong. So with all her dreading she finally decided she would go.

Malachi held Adeline closer and gave her a kiss. He was happy she decided to go.

The night before they headed out.

"Honey,” Adeline insisted, “You need to go to sleep so you're awake in the morning to drive (it was already getting late, 11pm.) We have to be up at 5 in the morning! I will be in bed soon. I gotta finish up packing." They gave each other a hug and kiss and Malachi went to bed.

Adeline was up for another hour. The day was so busy she didn't have time to pack earlier. Once everything was packed she went to bed.

Soon after, the alarm went off. "That time already?" Adeline felt like she had just fallen asleep. She could tell the day was gonna be long. Hopefully she could take a little nap if her husband didn't scare her with his driving...

Malachi drove to James' house to pick him and his family up. Laura and James brought 2 of their 3 little boys, the eldest and the youngest. They took their middle child over to his grandparents. He gets car sick so they thought it was best to have him stay with his grandparents. Then the journey to PA began!

Everyone was dozing off but Malachi of course! Cause he couldn't! But he was getting drowsy. Adeline tried to go sleep but she couldn't. She could tell Malachi was struggling to keep awake.

"Honey, maybe you should stop somewhere to get some coffee or an energy drink to keep you awake. If I have too, I can drive for you, dear."

Malachi said he was alright, but she could tell he was just being stubborn. But not even a half hour later Malachi couldn't keep his eyes open anymore. There was a gas station to the left so he decided it was time to stop and get some coffee. Once they were stopped Malachi decided he would let his wife drive. He couldn't keep his eyes open!

"Are you awake enough to drive, honey?" Malachi asked sleepy eyed.

Adeline thought to herself, not really. Do I really have a choice to drive or not? She finally replied, "I am awake enough to drive for now, at least. I am use to everyone falling asleep anyways. Joshua's girls always fall asleep when I take them to their farmers market. I should be able to handle it.”

And the trip continued... Not very many minutes later, Malachi fell asleep.

Adeline was doing great! She had a burst of energy the moment she took the wheel. A little drowsy here and there, but she was enjoying the drive. She felt like no one was awake. James was the navigator; he told her where she needed to get off at next, so she had an idea but not when. A few hours passed and Adeline got behind a semi so she decided to go around it. She didn’t even look at the sign she thought she was good but the next thing she knew James was peaking his head around from the back and said, "I think that is our exit to the right."

Adeline thought to herself "Oh dear! What do I do?" She was already beside the semi; the question was does she slow down or speed up? How was she gonna get around this semi in time, without getting into a wreck!? .....

Adeline's heart started pumping real fast. Not having too much time to think, she just did what came to her mind first. She sped up real fast and got over to the exit. Making sure the semi was far enough away to get over. If she was having trouble staying awake she didn't now! She was wide awake!

With the fast commotion Malachi and everyone asleep wake up. ”Hey h-honey, what’s going on? Yo-you alright?" he yawned.

"Yes, I am fine just almost missed our exit."

“Oh, well I can drive whenever you need me too.” Malachi yawned and blinked his eyes then sat up straight.

“I can drive till we stop somewhere.”

The trip went on for about another hour; Malachi was beginning to get grouchy because he was hungry. So the search for restaurants began… But yet, the highway was full of little hills and mountains and trees! Not a thing in sight! Malachi was really getting grouchy, worse than the little Amish boys... Adeline was beginning to get annoyed because there was nothing she could do but continue to drive.

"You missed an exit that had food!" Malachi voiced.

"Really?! I was looking and couldn't tell if there was a place or not. It didn't have a sign and it was too late to get off the exit when I saw the restaurant sign."

It was so out in the country that there was no signs for food for any exists. You could only tell when you got close enough to actually see the actual restaurant sign its self... But then sometimes, you couldn't even see that! More turn offs with a road going into the unknown...

The drive continued, Adeline got off a couple exits to look for restaurants, and then eventually fuel, they were running low... They had to turn around and go back to the highway because they kept wasting fuel for going miles onto the unknown! There seemed to be nothing... Anxiety began to flow through Adeline's body... Needing fuel, she had a hungry and grouchy crew. She began to feel pressure on her shoulders.

They finally found a gas station to fill up, thankfully the gas station had diesel! Malachi asked the gas station clerk if they knew of a restaurant nearby. He got directions and they all left and went to the restaurant. After they ate they headed back out for PA. Malachi took over driving and Adeline tried to sleep. She would doze off and wake back up, repeatedly.


They finally made it into PA, and they pulled up to a very big and beautiful house! Adeline was in awe! She thought to herself "Is this really an Amish house?" It was unlike a normal Amish house that she was use too seeing. She couldn't believe her eyes. When they pulled up James brothers came to the truck. Adeline’s shy instincts came in, she had no clue what to do or say.


Richard (James brother) saw his guests pull up. He began to walk to greet his brother's family and the "English man" Malachi whom he took a liking too when he visited his brother in Ohio.

James got out of the truck and almost ran to his brother to say "Hello"

Laura yelled after him "Behave yourself!"

Malachi looked at Adeline and smiled huge he was wondering why Laura would say such a thing to James. His Imagination could run wild. This made him smile and he planned to ask James later.

They all got out the truck and Malachi introduced his wife to Richard. She still was shy as ever. She said hello and they walked up to the house to show them around and figure out the sleeping arrangement.

They went inside the house and everything was so simple but beautiful! The time was a little past noon, so lunch was still on the table. Adeline wasn't really interested because it was a steak pizza. She didn't think she would really like it and her stomach wasn’t in the mood.

"Malachi, you and James will have to fight over the bedrooms... one is a queen and one is a full. You can either stay in the basement or upstairs where ever you like?” Richard asked.

"Well," Malachi began to say looking at his wife, as she stood there ever so quietly "It will be all up to my wife to make the decision. She is the one who is particular on where she sleeps. She's the boss. I will be ok with anything.”

Adeline got so red in the cheeks! She was shocked her husband would do this to her knowing she was in a very shy state already. He knew how she feels around the Amish. Adeline just gave him a glare, and then looked away. She thought to herself, "Does he know how this made me look?" Everyone turned to her awaiting her answer. She felt even more out of place.

Miriam repeated Richard's question to Adeline in a little bit of a different way. Adeline was thinking, her thoughts couldn't seem to gather together. In a very shy voice she answered "It doesn’t really matter. We can take whatever is easiest for you all." Everyone seemed to go in circles. No one would settle on a room unless Adeline and Malachi decided.

Adeline felt like the spot light was focused on her. She asked what size the basement bed was, thinking it would be best so they wouldn't be in the way of the Amish. She found out that they had to move the bed to the basement in order to stay down there. Adeline changed her mind and told them she didn't want them to do all that.

Miriam offered to show them the rooms upstairs, so all followed and Adeline was again in awe! Simple and sweet, not at all what she thought an Amish room would look like. They had mirrors, picture paintings, and a little love saying that definitely caught her off guard. She thought Amish weren’t very openly affectionate in public; so a love saying in a guest bedroom was unexpected.

Again and again they went around in circles with who will stay where. The "English" had to decide where to stay for anyone to agree on anything. Finally Malachi said they would take the full bed guest room. Even though Adeline didn't want to say it and be rude, she really wanted the queen. But she was happy to not have all the attention on her.

Everyone went back downstairs and Adeline became very hungry. She looked at the pizza, and then cut a slice in half to try it; to her surprise it was delicious! She ate the other piece she cut in half. A few minutes later, Richard announced they were going to head out to go hunting. Adeline cringed; she knew it was coming, but so soon!? Next thing she knew, the guys were gone. She wasn't used to no hugs and no kiss goodbye, so she was a bit sad.


Laura had her two boys running around and playing. Miriam had a baby boy playing too. The two Amish ladies were folding and putting clothes away, doing dishes, and keeping an eye on their children. Adeline asked Miriam if there was anything she could help with. Miriam told her they pretty much had it all done. Adeline sat down on a chair feeling out of place. All the little boys were adorable, playing and running around. The two Amish ladies where talking away in Pennsylvania Dutch. Adeline couldn't understand a word. Many drivers for the Amish can understand some of the language. They are around it all the time, so they just pick it up. Adeline just doesn't seem to have that ability. She just sat there looking around feeling uncomfortable. She’s not much a talker so she couldn’t find anything to say.

As Adeline continued to watch the children her heart began to ache. She began to feel out of place. The children would get into mischief and Laura would get after the two older ones. Watching the little baby boy Miriam had, made Adeline's heart ache even more. She was silly for forget to bring a book or something to keep her busy. Watching the children made her want one herself, and really made her feel out of place because she's been married for 2 years and still had no child. She thought to herself, "If only I had a child right now I wouldn't feel so much out of place. Miriam only had been married for a year and she had a child." The grief in her heart began to become very heavy and her Jealousy becoming stronger she felt like tears were about to form in her eyes so she leaped of the chair and heading for the stairs. She paused at the steps and turned to the Amish lady’s “I think I may go take a nap.”

“Alright, with all the driving I imagine you are tired.” Miriam replied.

Adeline nodded her head and disappeared into the little cozy room. She messaged with her mother-in-law Roselyn and told her how the trip was going but didn't mention the grief she felt in her heart. Adeline laid back on the bed and said a silent prayer in her head. "Lord please forgive my jealousy. I know my time will come, not in my timing but your timing. Give me strength Lord." Adeline soon fell asleep.


Kristina Steffy
Kristina Steffy
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