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Transforming Football: The Rise of synthetic turf football field in UAE

Artificial turf sports field installation in UAE

By mishabPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
artificial grass feild

There has been a revolutionary change in the sporting landscape of UAE over the recent years, notably in football infrastructure. It is important to note that one can fail both externally and internally. It should be mentioned that it is possible to fail externally and even intern A remarkable thing happening in the area right now is the mass spread of the synthetic turf football field in UAE. The article discusses factors driving its popularity, the advantages of synthetic playing surfaces and artificial turf sports field installation in UAE

The Evolution of Football Fields in the UAE:

Usually, prior to 1990s, most UAE football fields consisted of natural grass which required very careful maintenance and faced major challenges stemming from hot climates and water shortages in the region. Synthetic turf is an innovative solution for this problem while providing level play grounds.

Benefits of Artificial Turf:

1. Weather Resistance: Resistance to harsh weather conditions constitutes one of the major benefits of artificial grass football grounds in the UAE. Artificial turf is different from natural grass which tends to dry and brown under excess heat. Since this surface is always green, it provides a constant surface on which football fans enjoy playing.

2. Water Conservation: The UAE has scarce water supplies, which makes the upkeep of the country’s natural green field costly. Using artificial turf means that they do not require a lot of water, which in turn reduces their impact on the environment as this is consistent with UAE’s commitment into sustainability. 3. Durability: In addition, synthetic turf is known for its robustness and resistance to heavy traffic as well as common wear and tear. As such, this longevity provides fans with an opportunity to appreciate this game over the years because the fields can never become too worn out.

4. Low Maintenance: Compared to the natural grass, artificial turf requires less maintenance. Mowing, fertilization, and pest control requirements become obsolete, thus facilitating facility managers to channel more resources into other activities.

Artificial Turf Sports Field Installation in the UAE:

Installation of synthetic turf sports fields in the UAE occurs with extreme precision in order to ensure superior quality of end product. Several key steps are involved in this process:

1. Site Assessment: The first stage involves carrying out an intensive survey of a site with particular problems associated with it. Drainage, soils, and climatic factors are used at this point to design the best method of installing pipelines in order to avoid damages.

2. Surface Preparation: Any debris, rocks and undulating surfaces are removed thus preparing the original surface. At this point, the foundation becomes an even and firm base for setting up the synthetic turf.

3. Shock Pad Installation: A shock pad is sometimes placed below it to improve player safety and comfort. The shock absorbing layer reduces the chance of injuries and facilitates better playability.

4. Artificial Turf Installation: Synthetic turf is carefully laid down with great care taken to ensure smooth seams and edges. The installation quality has an impact on the artificial turf field’s durability and functionality.

5. Infill Application: Sand or rubber granules are used as infill materials which create stability, support and natural turf ball response. This is an important measure towards achieving the desired playability attributes.


synthetic turf football field in UAE reflects an advancement strategy towards sports infrastructure. Synthetic turf offers a wide range of benefits that today’s football enthusiasts can now enjoy on quality, weatherproof, and eco-friendly surfaces. A careful process of installing artificial turf makes these fields to be internationally standardized therefore UAE is known to be one of the hubs for modern eco-friendly sport facilities. The use of synthetic turf will continue to expand as innovation and sustainability remain crucial goals for the country, further influencing local sports culture.


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