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Topics to Write About on HubPages

by Agnes Laurens 2 years ago in career
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A platform for writers to try new topics and earn money.

Topics to Write About on HubPages
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Originally posted on Medium.

About one year ago, I discovered HubPages. It’s another website where you can write articles about different topics. You see a lot of ads between your articles, but that doesn’t bother me because you earn money from it.

You can write different articles that matter to you, about different subjects that don’t fit here on Medium or elsewhere.

When you finish your articles, you can publish them, and then (let it) republish them on a sub-website they own. You’ll see your articles on the other sites too, meaning you’ll get more exposure.

I didn’t write on HubPages since I set up my account, until I read an article here on Medium from Shaunta Grimes, about this income stream. Then I remembered I signed up for HubPages a while ago. So, it was time to rediscover it.

A few weeks ago I started with my first article. It was a recipe I made earlier that week. It was sent into submission for Delishably and it was accepted.

What should you write about on HubPages? I found out that it’s not difficult and there are lots of possibilities. With every platform, you have that question.

I have not tried everything yet, as you should do with Medium, but browsing HubPages also brought me to these topics you can write about. Yes, I gave myself brilliant ideas… haha, just kidding!

History Topics

HubPages is ideal for writing about history. I always have loved history in class at high school, but I never paid great attention to the things I had to learn. I always needed shorter articles to read, rather than a whole chapter.

So, HubPages might work well for history students who love to read short articles. These students, mostly, need to work on their concentration.

It works well for adults too, just like me, who love to read shorter articles instead of long articles (I love longer articles too but I have to sit for it, and nine times out of ten, there is little time for it).

Think about articles on World War Two, or subtopics of World War Two. Subtopics are always good to write about. The general topic is what everyone knows about, but there are also personal stories you can write about.

Another subtopic in history is genocide, which has a subtopic, like the Armenian Genocide. They all have general stories, but also personal stories of people who have been through it or people who worked there.

Recipes You Love

I love to try new recipes. I have seen my recipes do pretty well on HubPages. I also check out other recipes I definitely want to try, written by other Hubbers.

My children also love to cook. So, it’s important that I cook something easy to make with my children or something they can do on their own. Baking is a favorite with my daughters. It’s a way of bonding with your children.

I love to try recipes to make for other people and show off my cooking skills.

Gardening Tips and Tricks

One thing I rediscovered during quarantine is gardening and growing my own vegetables. I love doing it, and since my plants are getting bigger and bigger, I can cut a little bit off and let the roots grow under the stems in some water. Then, when there are roots under the stem, I put them in the earth.

I can write about the tips and tricks that I have discovered on HubPages and show what worked for my gardening skills.

Do It Yourself Ideas

My oldest daughter is into DIY, and she always looks out for things to do when she is bored. She makes lists for when she does want to do something for herself. She loves things to make things and loves seeing the results afterward.

These DIY projects are good for HubPages with a step-by-step guide on how to make what you’re writing about. These kinds of things do well on every platform. DIY is also a hit with children of all ages.

Philosophy Topics

Philosophy is one of my interests. It’s in my heart. Although it is difficult for me to find time to read philosophy topics at the moment, it is definitely on my to-do list. These articles on HubPages are ideal too, but still, know and read about philosophy topics.

Think about what Socrates did and why he is one of the greatest philosophers. You also can write about the philosophers who were not that famous but have great ideas. They also need a place to be heard — even in 2020.

Psychology Topics

One of the things I am reading articles about is behavior. Your behavior has everything to do with your psychological mind, and thus your actions.

These kinds of articles fit on HubPages well. When you think about psychology, you will find endless subtopics you could write about.

Now, the topic of narcissism is very big online, especially with how the world acts these days. What do you think about narcissism? There are many subtopics to think about.

I love to discover more on HubPages, and writing about other topics that don’t fit anywhere else. I am still exploring, but I am already enthusiastic about HubPages and I hope you will be too.


About the author

Agnes Laurens

Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives with her daughters. Writing is, like playing the violin, her passion. She writes about anything that crosses her mind. Follow her on Medium.

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