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Top Podcast Categories for 2021

by Aesthetic Writer 2 years ago in career
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This article is all about the most profitable niches in the podcasting world which can make you earn a living

Top Podcast Categories for 2021
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In 2021, if you say that it is difficult to earn money using the internet then you’re probably just either lying to yourself or living under a rock (I hope it’s not the latter, cause it’ll hurt). You can go as far as just talk about your favourite things on the internet and make a living out of it and today we are just going to talk about that particular thing which is just talking and making a living out of it, yeah you guessed it right we are talking about podcasting.

What is a podcast? How can you have one of your own?

Everyone has heard a podcast in your Spotify or the podcast app on Apple devices. A single individual or a group just talk about their favourite things, news, fandom or any other thing that may please. One of the most podcasted niches that I have seen is the self-improvement category the likes of Tim Ferris, Jay Shetty, Ranveer Allahbadia, and many more are doing a great job in it and usually bring a guest to their podcast and interview them about their experience in a particular domain.

The one thing you might wonder is how can you start one of your own? We will be talking about that in detail in a later article but in summary, you have to find a distributor, upload your podcast in audio format and it will distribute it to other platforms such Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all the top podcasting platforms you can think of.

Most Popular Podcast Categories

1. Society and Culture

The thing that everyone knows about is their societies & culture and also is the thing most people care about and hence also want to hear other people’s point of view on a particular incident or the society or culture in general.

Especially, during this time when every day a new thing is happening in the society we live and it would be beneficial for you if you capitalize on the opportunity. To begin with, you can just talk about the culture very close to you and then hope to get your native audience and then build upon by growing.

2. Business

Everyone in the modern-day wants to get wealthy or at least earn a living to feed their family and most people tune in to these podcasts to understand the most important commodity in the world today i.e. money. Creating a podcast telling people how to earn it or how to invest it to earn greater returns can lead a lot of people to tune into your podcast.

3. Comedy

One of the only thing that everyone loves to do is laugh. We associate laughing with being happy and well who doesn’t want to be happy, yeah exactly. If you think you’re funny than you can just start a podcast and talk about the funny experiences you have or collections of jokes you have like a stand-up. In case, you don’t think of yourself the funny kind and still want to enter the field than you should observe a lot of stand-up comedy, movies with great humour also try to research about the art of being funny and last and of course not the least, in fact, the most important thing, go out on some kind of stage in reality or virtually and do this more often until you succeed in it.

These were some field that I have seen that have popped off in the podcasting world. If you liked what you read please like the article so we get the motivation to work on more of such article. Also, a tip would help us in continuing this journey to create content for you guys. Thanks for reading have a nice day.


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