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Top 7 IDO Launchpads for your crypto project in 2022

Launchpads are slowly becoming the backbone of the Decentralized Finance ecosystem, offering small and large cryptocurrency projects to invest in, be it games, metaverse or a Move-to-Earn app, enter a group of investors who want to find the next gem.

By RagunathPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Launchpads are slowly becoming the backbone of the Decentralized Finance ecosystem, offering small and large cryptocurrency projects to invest in, be it games, metaverse or a Move-to-Earn app, enter a group of investors who want to find the next gem.

Launchpads are helping to connect like-minded people with enthusiastic developers, where everyone can invest in and benefit from this emerging market.

What is a Launchpad?

Crypto ido Launchpad development , also known as incubators, are platforms that allow decentralized crypto projects to raise funds by selling a percentage of the project’s token supply at a discounted price.

Launchpads serve two fundamental needs: decentralized crypto projects acquire capital to finance marketing and development; and investors get opportunity, in their eyes, from undervalued tokens.

A Launchpad typically makes money by taking a % of the total revenue generated by a project to fund their operations and as a reward for their service.



Within the Unicrypt ecosystem is its own Launchpad platform. Running in parallel as an incubator, projects can receive feedback and advice from various third-party associations that the Unicrypt team has established to benefit a multitude of aspects related to new cryptocurrency projects.

Its Launchpad currently covers five different blockchains: Ethereum, Avalanche, BSc, xDai, and Polygon. Within its Launchpad, people can mint and launch their own tokens through a simple self-custodial wallet connection.


Being the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, Binance Launchpad also boasts a successful launch pad with over $120 million raised with over 3.5 million unique users.

In total, Binance has only launched 64 different projects, however, each project is thoroughly scrutinized to ensure the safety of users of the platforms. An example of a recent successful launch is STEPN , which recently raised over 8,500 BNB ($3.5 million).

Launching on Binance offers key benefits such as extremely high liquidity in your project’s trading pairs and exposure to millions of unique Binance users


Launchpool markets itself as an egalitarian Launchpad, trying to treat all stakeholders as equals; with equal opportunities to invest in upcoming projects.

Their Launchpad is extremely active, constantly adding new projects in different phases to the list. Like previous ido token Launchpad development , Launchpool connects a variety of projects to its ecosystem, each using its own chain, such as Ethereum or BSc.


Unilayer is a multi-product decentralized ecosystem encompassing a trading platform, automated trading, Launchpad, and more. Built on top of the Uniswap DEX, Unilayer uses its own native $LAYER token for its services.

Its Launchpad is fully decentralized and transparent to projects and users. In addition to this, services like automatic liquidity locks and important smart contract security audits that ensure safety for both founders and investors are readily available.

Solster Finance

The Solster Finance Decentralized Launchpad is an up-and-coming project incubator based on the Solana ecosystem. Having completed over 20 successful launches, the platform has already processed over $1.7 million in funding.

Although it is a new Launchpad, the launched projects have already seen massive gains, such as the massive UPFI increase of 44x since its IDO on Solster Finance.

As more projects continue to develop at Solana and wish to launch, Solster will undoubtedly be at the forefront helping to connect developers and investors.


Staying within the Solana ecosystem, Solrazr is another Launchpad for Solana projects. However, Solrazr offers two different Launchpads platforms:

INO Launchpad — A fully dedicated NFT Launchpad that helps artists with no programming experience to create and launch their NFTs on the Solana blockchain. NFT projects are listed as tokens, instantly available on the blockchain.

IDO Launchpad development company: Hosts Solana-based crypto projects.Solrazr uses its native token $SOLR to reward holders with benefits like restricted releases for participants and higher limits on smaller releases.


Gamestarter is a crypto based gaming launchpad, offering decentralized IGOs ​​to its user base. Offering a lineup of diverse games that reach all corners of the crypto gaming industry, such as metaverse games, Play-to-Earn games, NFT games, and more.

Their most successful release, project seed , boasts a massive 77x return on all-time highs, showing just how committed Gamestarter is to letting all project sizes have a shot at an IDO.

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