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Top 5 Best Hollywood Singer In The World

Top 5 Best Hollywood Singer In The World

By aman ghanshalaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Top 5 Best Hollywood Singer In The World
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In this article I will share with you the best hollywood singer in the world

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What are the challenges of singer

There are many challenges in a singer's life. In the beginning, the singer has to face a lot of rejection and to become the best singer, he has to practice a lot. Apart from this, to make a place in the hearts of the audience, he has to release new songs. He or she does this so that millions of people listen to his songs. Most of the singers are like this too, who release many songs in the beginning but later stop releasing them This is the reason his singing career did not go well

Can a normal person become a singer?

Anyone can become a singer A lot of practice is required to become a singer. Nowadays social media is used a lot. Those who want to become a singer can show their talent on social media. Earlier this was not possible but now there are many platforms to show talent like Instagram, tik tok, youtube, Facebook etc.

How much do singers charge for a song?

Singers who are not very famous have low fees but those who have a big name charge higher fees. Hollywood singers charge several million dollars for a single song and this is why they are liked all over the world. Apart from this, they also charge higher fees for promoting someone product.

Top 5 Best Hollywood Singer In The World

By Venti Views on Unsplash

1: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is the most successful Hollywood singer. Most of her songs are hits, apart from this she has also worked in many movies and she is also a business woman, she has a startup under the name Rare Beauty. Selena has fans all over the world. Selena is the most followed woman on the social media platform Instagram. A few year ago her calm song was released which became a huge hit. Many Instagram influencers made reels using calm down.

2: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is also included in the list of best Hollywood singer of all time. In terms of beauty, Jennifer Lopez is not less than anyone. Despite being 53 years old, she still looks very young. She has worked in many Hollywood movies. Apart from this, Jennifer is also a Hollywood singer. Her most hit song is On the Floor and this song has got billions of views on YouTube. A few years ago, she married Ben Affleck.

3: Beyonce

Beyonce is the best Hollywood singer in the world. This Hollywood singer has achieved success on the strength of her hard work. She has given many songs in her singing career which were very hit. For your information, let us tell you that 200 million records of her were sold all over the world. This expensive singer has won many awards, many of his successful songs were also included in the billboard.

By Pedro Marroquin on Unsplash

4: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the greatest Hollywood singer of all time. She was born on 13 December 1989. He started writing songs at a very young age. Taylor Swift is the most successful Hollywood singer till now. With the help of her singing career Taylor Swift has become a billionaire. Apart from this she also has a youtube channel in which her songs are released and they also get many million views.

5: Katty Perry

Katty Perry is the most famous Hollywood singer. She has released many songs in her singing career and has also worked in many TV shows. Katty Perry is the most followed lady on Twitter. Her most hit song is Roar which has been watched by more than 3 billion people on youtube till now.

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