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Top 10 Solar Panel Companies in India 2024

Illuminating India's Path to Sustainable Energy Independence

By Bluebird SolarPublished about a month ago 3 min read

The global transition towards sustainable energy solutions has accelerated, with solar power emerging as a key player in this transformation. In India, where the demand for clean energy is pressing, the solar energy sector is witnessing significant growth, driven by the innovative efforts of several leading companies. As of 2024, here are the top 10 solar companies in India, contributing to the country's renewable energy landscape:

1. Bluebird Solar

With four decades of experience, Bluebird Solar stands tall as a trusted name in solar manufacturing. Their advanced 1.2GW manufacturing line and diverse range of panels reflect their commitment to quality and innovation.

2. Tata Power Solar

A stalwart in the industry for over 30 years, Tata Power Solar offers comprehensive green energy solutions for various applications, leveraging their substantial in-house production capacities. Tata Power Solar stands as a beacon of sustainability and innovation in India's solar energy sector. With over three decades of experience, Tata Power Solar has established itself as a trusted name, delivering comprehensive green energy solutions for various applications. Boasting in-house production capacities of 635MW for modules and 500MW for cell manufacturing lines, the company plays a crucial role in India's renewable energy landscape. From utility-scale projects to solar rooftops and pump systems, Tata Power Solar's commitment to quality and excellence shines through in every endeavor, contributing significantly to the nation's journey towards energy independence and a cleaner future.

3. Adani Solar

Adani Solar, a prominent player in India's solar energy sector, has swiftly risen to prominence since its establishment in 2016. With a massive 4GW manufacturing capacity, Adani Solar focuses on cutting-edge mono facial and bifacial solar modules utilizing PERC technology, ensuring high efficiency and performance. Committed to contributing to India's renewable energy goals, the company actively participates in the development of a robust 10GW Solar PV Manufacturing ecosystem in the country. Adani Solar's rapid growth and dedication to innovation underscore its pivotal role in driving India towards a sustainable energy future, while simultaneously bolstering the global shift towards renewable energy sources.

4. Vikram Solar

Operating in over 32 countries, Vikram Solar aims to contribute significantly to India's ambitious green energy goals with its 3.5GW annual manufacturing capacity.

5. Waaree Energies

With a manufacturing capacity exceeding 12GW, Waaree Energies holds the title of India's largest solar panel manufacturer and has been instrumental in advancing the sector for over three decades.

6. Saatvik Green Energy

Since 2015, Saatvik Green Energy has been actively contributing to the solar energy sector, with plans for significant capacity expansion in the near future.

7. RenewSys

Supplying solar products to over 40 countries, RenewSys India has steadily grown since its inception in 2011, boasting a total installed module manufacturing capacity of 2.75GW.

8. Goldi Solar

Achieving remarkable growth since 2011, Goldi Solar aims to further expand its manufacturing capacity, solidifying its position in the Indian solar energy market.

9. Jakson Solar

A subsidiary of the Jakson Group, Jakson Solar emphasizes sustainability in its manufacturing processes while delivering high-quality solar solutions.

10. Loom Solar

Despite being a newer entrant since 2018, Loom Solar has quickly made its mark with an annual manufacturing capacity of 100MW and an extensive sales network.

In conclusion, these top 10 solar panel companies in India are not just driving the country towards a sustainable future but also contributing significantly to the global shift towards renewable energy. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and capacity expansion underscores their pivotal role in shaping India's energy landscape and fostering a cleaner, greener tomorrow. As India continues its journey towards energy independence and environmental sustainability, these companies will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of the solar revolution, powering progress and prosperity for generations to come.


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With a 40-year-old reputed brand name, Bluebird Solar is one of India's leading solar panel manufacturers.

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