Top 10 Most Powerful Twitter Promotion Ideas

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Advanced Twitter Marketing Ideas

Top 10 Most Powerful Twitter Promotion Ideas
Advance Twitter Marketing Ideas

Twitter is a powerful microblogging and marketing platform, that power is enlarged when you take the right way to Twitter promotion ideas and apply them rightly.

Twitter is a very powerful micro-blogging and marketing platform. If you can do this Twitter marketing well then you can generate good sales. Twitter is currently the power full marketing amplifier.

Twitter is an online news and social networking platform. When we post on Facebook, we call it status, but when we post the same on Twitter, it is called a tweet. There are some limitations on Twitter, such as the limitations of the characters you post on Facebook. But you can tweet up to a maximum of 140 characters on Twitter.

You can use your affiliate or post URL on Twitter, but this link will work up to 23 characters. Hashtags are used on Twitter, so if you want to make a post viral, you need to know the correct use of hashtags. We will see in this post how to tweet properly.

1. Upload a Custom Twitter Header

After signing up for the account, first, upload the Header Image and Profile Image. Because it will help to make your Twitter account look professional and real account. Use the company logo on your profile picture. People will be able to recognize it very easily.

Header Image recommended dimensions up to 1500 × 500 and profile image dimensions up to 400 x 400 or 200 x 200. And file size maximum of 5 MB.

This image you choose for your Twitter title image will appear on most Twitter mobile applications.

2. Create a Twitter ID / Username and Bio

After you upload the Twitter Header Image and Profile image, create a user ID. Make sure the username is simple and sublime.

The short name is good because it is very easy to remember. This will allow you to find your Twitter account messenger and will be helpful for marketing.

Briefly write in the bio who you are, what you do, what service you want to provide, and what your company name is, etc. You can specify how many customers there are. If you are associated with another company, use them with hashtags.

3. Promote with your profile and link

If there are enough visitors to your profile, where do I want to send the most visitors? You can promote the promotion link in your Bio.

Promote your Twitter presence by adding relevant links to your Twitter profile, your website, your other social media profiles, your email, and anywhere else.

4. Use your real name

Many People connect with people better than they do with brands.

Use your own name when creating accounts because everyone prefers to present themselves as individuals rather than brands, and this will make your promotion efforts easier.

5. Promote with #Hashtags

The hashtag # is a power full system on Twitter. If you can use the #Tag perfectly, you can make any post viral.

Even if you have a small Visitor, this will be a powerful way to attract new people to your post.

6. Contact interested people with Who Have Shared

Message those who like your tweets well and retweet your tweets and send a message and request to the Relative ID Gul that you want to promote the post.

Utilize a Twitter progressed search to interface with individuals who have catchphrases in their profile that are identified with points you tweet about (Twitter, Social Media, Marketing, and so on.).

Utilizing a serious inquiry gives you a few different approaches to make pertinent associations, for example, discovering individuals close by, or interfacing with individuals who have tweeted content that is intriguing to you.

7. Use photos and videos on Twitter to increase retweets

If you use pictures in Twitter posts, you will get 69 percent more likes and shares. So post the necessary pictures with the post. You can also post with graphics of various discounts or special offers.

As the picture is better than the ordinary text, the video also prints the picture. According to Adwick, a video post retweets six times more than a photo post and a photo post retweets three times more than a GIF post.

8. Cross-Promote with Influencers

Follow the influencers identified with your business or industry and retweet them to jump on their radar.

After a couple of retweets contact them with a notice and some will feel constrained to interface with you since you have demonstrated that you are happy to support them.

On the off chance that you associate with and help influencers, there is a decent possibility they will give back in kind and help you with your advancement.

9. Special offer day only for followers and Run a Twitter Traffic Contest

Increase sales via Twitter with coupons or special offers from your followers.One way to do this is to offer a special offer to someone who retweets your tweet. And spread your post through it.The one who sends the most visitors to your contest page will be the winner among the contestants and will be rewarded.

Use a hashtag and a short link for each contestant so you can easily find out who sent the most traffic.

10. Get More Twitter Followers and Create a Poll

The lifeblood of Twitter is followers, without followers you will not be able to facilitate marketing. Unless you have a laid back attitude. Follow your Nish related ID every day. Un-follow those who did not follow you the next day. Work in this way for a month and you will get organic followers.

The poll is a very easy way to increase engagement on your page. Click on Add to New Tweet and click on the poll icon. Then write the necessary questions there. This will increase user engagement. You can also do market research, feedback, and consumer research. You will also find out about the most successful and expensive brands in the world.


I hope you will get good feedback if you work in accordance with the above issues. Twitter is a very important medium to increase brand awareness and user engagement. But among all the social media in the world, Twitter tweets are fast becoming obsolete. So its marketing rules are different.

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