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Top 10 Dangerous Airports To Visit Once In Lifetime

This article explains about the most dangerous airports in the world and why they are dangerous.

By Mohammed FayazPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
Top 10 Dangerous Airports To Visit Once In Lifetime
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An Airport is nothing but a place where planes can usually land and take off. Most airports in the world simply have a runway, which is a lengthy stretch of level terrain. There are many airports with structures for housing planes and people.

A terminal is a structure where people wait for their flights or luggage. The complicated thing in driving the airplane is to take off and land on the runway. China’s Shigatse Peace Airport has the longest runway in the World at 5000 meters in length.

Yrausquin Airport in the Caribbean Netherlands has the smallest runway in the World at 400 meters in length. In current, there are over 41,700 airports all over the world. The US alone has over 13,000 airports. Doha’s HAMAD airport is the number 1 airport in the world.

In this article, we are going to see the top 10 craziest unusual dangerous airports in the world you must visit at least once in your lifetime.


The craziest thing about this airport is, it is the only commercial airport in the world that has a highway road across its runway. Whenever a plane is going to take off or land, the road is closed for 10 minutes to avoid a collision between the plane and the vehicles.

This airport is located in Gibraltar City's Centre and handles about 300,000 people a year. It is managed by the Government of Gibraltar and owned by the British Ministry of Defense. The commercial airport that serves the British overseas territory of Gibraltar is known as North Front Airport or Gibraltar International Airport.


This airport is considered one of the craziest airports in the world because of its location of the airport. The one end of the runway is very close to Maho Beach. Because of this, the airport has very low flyover approaches. The primary airport serving the Caribbean island of Saint Martin is Princess Juliana International Airport.

This airport is situated in the nation of Sint Maarten on the Dutch side of the island. Approximately 60,000 aircraft movements and 1,829,543 passengers were handled at the airport in 2015.


The dangerous thing about this airport is, that airport is situated between Mountains and oceans. In this airport, 2 major accidents were held due to the approach. An airfield called Narsarsuaq Airport is found at Narsarsuaq, a town in Southern Greenland's Kujalleq municipality.

It is one of the only two airports in Greenland that can accommodate large aircraft, the other being Kangerlussuaq Airport. Additionally, it serves as Southern Greenland's sole international airport.


This airport is a domestic airport located in the town of Lukla, Khumbu Pasanglhamu, Solukumbu District, Nepal. This airport is surrounded by steep and mountainous terrain on all sides. Usually, flights from Kathmandu will come here.

The amazing of this airport is, the distance is shorter, but rain commonly occurs in Lukla while the sun is shining brightly in Kathmandu. This airport can handle only helicopters and small planes only.


This airport is located at Karipur, Malappuram district of Kerala, India. It provides service to Kozhikode, Malappuram, Wayanad, and Palakkad in the Malabar region. The craziest thing about this airport is the table-top runway.

When auto-land is not used or is not available at all, the pilot must make a very accurate visual approach since this type of runway gives the appearance of being at the same level as the plains below. Tabletop runways are built by carving out the side of a mountain or by chopping off the apex of a peak and turning it into a plateau.


This airport is located 6km away from the city center in south Tegucigalpa. This airport met with more than 10 accidents. After TACA Flight 390 went down on May 30, 2008, Manuel Zelaya, the president of Honduras at the time, said that all heavy aircraft operations will be transferred to the Soto Cano Air Base.

This would effectively divert all international traffic away from Toncontin, leaving only domestic flights and small aircraft in use at the airport. It is ranked as the second most extreme airport in the world by the History Channel program Most Extreme Airports.


This airport is famous for having the World’s shortest runway and the highest tarmacked runway in Europe. The French Alps ski resort of Courchevel is served by Courchevel Altiport.

The runway at the airport is just 537 meters long and has an 18.6% grade. Due to the surrounding hilly terrain, landings at Courchevel do not require a go-around procedure.


This is the most dangerous airport on our list. It is the only international airport among the 4 airports in Bhutan. Paro Airport is 1.5 miles above sea level and surrounded by sharp peaks of up to 18,000ft. The terrain is so perilous that only eight pilots in the entire world are qualified to land there.

It feels as though the wingtip is almost touching the mountaintops during the approach across the Himalayan Mountains because of the severe banking. High in the Himalayan Mountains stands the kingdom of Bhutan's Paro International Airport.

Paro is one of the most challenging airports in the world for takeoffs and landings because it elevates 7,300 ft. (2.23 km), 6,500 ft (1.99 km) of runway length, and surrounding 18,000 ft. (5.48 km) peaks.


The Miracle on the Hudson was an emergency commercial aircraft landing at the Hudson River. On January 15, 2009, shortly after departing from New York, the Airbus A320 carrying the flight collided with a flock of birds, cutting off all engine power.

Due to their low altitude, pilots Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger and Jeffrey Skiles were unable to make an emergency landing at any airport, therefore they piloted the aircraft to a ditch in the Hudson River outside Midtown Manhattan.

Only a few of the 155 passengers suffered significant injuries as adjacent boats managed to save everyone.


The reason why this airport is dangerous is, Since ice covers 98% of Antarctica, landing an airplane there is a difficult undertaking. There is no permanent lighting at the Jack F. Paulus Skiway airport since the runways there are built on ice and snow, close to Amundsen-Scott. Ordinarily, Jack F.

The runway is made of solid ice, where an aircraft, weighing up to 450,000 pounds can land easily. The runway is used until early December when the ice begins to break up.


Even though there is a large number of airlines, and airports, the fear of people while traveling in a plane is unimaginable. The above-mentioned airports are not only dangerous but also a must-visit able place in a lifetime to see the gift of nature.


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