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Tips for Creating the Optimal Work Space

Working in an optimal work space enables you to channel your energy while working efficiently.

By Richard OwensPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

Your surrounding can be a great source of motivation to increase your creative skills. Working in an optimal work space enables you to channel your energy while working efficiently.

Optimal work space and productivity are closely related to each other. Productivity is an important part of business. The productivity of your employees is directly related to the profit of your organization. If you want to increase the creativity and productivity of your employees, you should provide them with an ideal work space. There are lots of things to consider about office environment because employees spend eight or more hours a day at the office and as an employer, it is your responsibility to increase the comfort of the workspace. Discomfort, distractions, cheap lights, and disengagements can’t breed productivity. Here are some tips that will help you to design an optimal work space.

Physical Changes

Natural Lighting

Try to provide easy access to natural light to all your staff. Spending eight hours under fluorescent lights is unhealthy. New CFL (compact florescent light) options are available, and these can be a good choice for your office if natural light simply isn't an option. These bulbs can closely mimic natural light. You can give the option to your employees to light their offices and workspace with indirect light through lighting fixtures or lamps. Overhead lighting can be bothersome or sometimes isn't the ideal color for a person's eyes; therefore, you can consider the indirect light that is more soothing.

Regulate Temperature

The most important factor to consider for a work space is temperature. You have to regulate the temperature of your office to increase the comfort of employees. Your office should have an HVAC system, and factors such as placement of temperature controls, vents, and the ability of employees to control office temperature should be taken into account. In the morning, there will be no issue with temperature, but it may rise in the afternoon in some areas where the windows face west. These areas receive the burnt sun of the afternoon.

If your employees have lots of complaints about temperature, you can hire a qualified employee to liaise with staff regarding the environment. You should make suitable arrangements by complaints to reduce or increase the temperature. You can use curtains and heat-blocking blinds as accessories to your HVAC system to keep the environment comfortable for everyone.

Splash of Color

To create an optimal work space, you can play with paint because each color has its effects on the human mind. Consider the effects of primary colors before selecting paint for your office.

  • Red is linked to power, such as simulation, energy, warmth, and strength. It can bring defiance and aggression to mind.
  • Blue is associated with intelligence, trust, connotes communication, serenity, and efficiency. It brings your mind to coldness, unfriendliness, and lack of emotion.
  • Yellow has a strong link with creativity, extroversion, confidence, connotes optimism and emotion. It can bring fear, irrationality, and anxiety to mind.
  • Green has a strong connection with peace, rest, and balance, and connotes harmony and balance. It brings blandness and boredom to mind.

There is no need to use red to paint your entire office, but you can mix this color with white or another positive color. You can consider colorful intonations to brighten up your space.

Increase Physical Comfort

Employees spend long periods of time sitting at their desks, in their chair, staring at their computer screens. You should ensure that every seat is designed for maximum comfort to keep employees productive, healthy, and happy. Poorly designed office furniture can increase the chances of carpal tunnel disorder, and health issues can kill the productivity of your employees. There is no need to purchase an office chair worth $1,000 for every employee. You can find comfortable furniture for your office within your budget. You should, however, make an effort to not cheap out on the furniture, as saving $15 a chair now could cost you a lot in paid time off and lost productivity later.

Green Plants

Plants in your office are beneficial to the productivity of employees. Plants offer extra benefits by filtering air and removing bacteria and mold. It is confirmed that keeping plants in your office can improve the environment and lighten employees' moods. If you have lots of windows in your office, you can easily increase the productivity of your employees.

Psychological Changes

Clear Clutter

Keep in mind that the mess around the office with extra supplies and equipment can litter common areas. Some employees are forced to share their workspace to keep inventory. If you want to increase your productivity, it is essential to reduce clutter around you. If you want space for extra equipment, you can rent a space, but if you can’t afford a large space, you should search for an affordable alternative to reduce clutter in your office.

Encourage Flexibility

Nowadays, it is not necessary for all employees to spend their eight to 10 hours in the office. With high-speed internet, it is easy for employees to work from the comfort of their house. Therefore, there is no need to stress if your employee reaches the office 15 to 20 minutes late. You should politely make your employees understand their expected work hours. There is no need to sacrifice the quality work of your employee for rigid scheduling. It is important to note that employees often waste their time instead of working for 10 hours, and you can potentially increase their productivity by offering flexible working time. On the flip side, be sure you're assessing their productivity and the length of time they're working.

Try to make the work space of your employees as comfortable as possible by providing enough space. The desks should be the right height with a comfortable chair. You can choose a rug or mat for the floor and decorate walls with beautiful art pieces. If you can control architectural elements of your office, you can consider high ceilings and windows. Research has shown that high ceilings can promote a sense of freedom and space.

You can add some personal touches to create an optimal work space because it proves helpful to control the environment. There are some minor things to consider, such as the arrangement of furniture, graphics, paintings, and decorative plants. You can take the suggestions of your employees to increase their interest and productivity.


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