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Time and Time Again

by Himi about a year ago in humor

Act a little dumb, stupid male kinda thing.


Dawn. Creak my way down the stairs. That’s my knees creaking, not the stairs. Get ambushed in the dark by happy dog. Fight happy dog, kick him out. Make coffee. Go outside, feed dog. Have coffee with fresh air (rather than with a cigarette. No more choking). Secretly wish I had a cigarette. Check sky, beach, waves, weather, temperature. Cut kindling and firewood. Put clothes by fire. Shower. Muck around doing God knows what.

6:11, plenty of time before I walk to train station.

Breakfast. Always. Eat. Breakfast. Eggs and fry up leftovers from dinner.

Make coffee for two. Wake other up, give coffee. Have coffee while making lunches.

20 minutes before I leave for train.

Wake the little one up.

Feel like eating lunch. Eat some. Regret it.

Five minutes before walk to train.

Do all those things I end up doing at the last minute. Ready to go. Look for shades. Everywhere. All over the house. Forget more stuff.

Two minutes until the walk to train.

Remember stuff on the way out the door. Too late!

Fast walk to station checking the sky, beach, waves, rainbow. Touch and go for making train.

Stick to my ‘never run for a train’ rule.

Nothing worse than jumping on a waiting train, sweating and gasping. It’s really uncool. And I always end up with a running nose and no tissues. Think of consequences of missing train. No bus money or ticket so it’s a 25 minute walk to the office. I’ll be late for a meeting, that I should have prepared for. Consider preparing on train. Consider hitchhiking if I miss train. Consider running a little bit at a time. Not hard out enough to make me sweat, gasp or sniff. A lot of considering going on.

I hear the distant roar. Train! Run. Make it through the hiss of the doors to the hiss of the train guard for making him slightly late. Give him an indignant look. They’re late all the time. Begin to prepare for meeting. Get distracted by the magnificent view out the window. The same window my meeting preparation flies out.

Wonder about stuff. World politics, where can I get some money to get us through the week. Wonder what I’m going to have for lunch.

Get a text message. Check it. It reads ‘where car keys?’


Check pocket for what I already know is there. The keys.

Hop off train at next station wondering how I’m going to get back home with no money on me and then get back into work without having to get another clip on my 10 trip ticket. I only have three clips left and have to make five trips before payday.

Consider hitching someday this week. A train pulls in. I hop on with no money. All they can do is kick me off at the next stop which is where I’m going. Consider the karma of being dishonest. I approach the guard and tell her what I have done, I have car keys, my partner needs the car.

Act a little dumb, stupid male kinda thing.

Tell her I have no money. She appreciates my honesty and gives me a free ride. Ring work. ‘Train troubles, could we reschedule over morning coffee?’

I’ve already had a hard day. All that running and considering has tired me out. Arrive at my station, leave keys with Robert the coffee dude and step straight on to another train to the city. I didn’t have to retell the whole saga. The guard didn’t ask me for my ticket.

Honesty pays for my free ride.

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