The Wedding Planner's Wedding

by Payton Busskohl 2 years ago in career

And the Stresses She Purposely Avoided

The Wedding Planner's Wedding

If you are someone who, at any point in your life, has thought about what to spend the rest of it doing, I'm sure you have heard something similar to or along the lines of "doing what you love hardly makes it seem like work." Everyone has heard this at one time or another, even if you are someone like myself who has known exactly what you wanted to be when you grew up from a very young age.

I was the little girl that would wrap herself in toilet paper and pretend it was a glamorous white wedding gown at home and would pick flowers from the playground to make a bouquet and glance at every little boy, wondering which one would be at the altar waiting for me one day (even though boys were, like, SO gross and definitely had cooties still). I was the little girl that dressed up as a bride for Halloween...several years in a row. I always knew I wanted to be surrounded by weddings and have my own one day, as well. So I did it. I enrolled in a course, got certified as a wedding planner, got a job at an event design and rental company, helped numerous brides with various parts of their weddings...all by 20 years old and while simultaneously falling in love with my now husband.

The announcement of my engagement resulted in numerous messages from friends and family saying things along the lines of "I cannot wait to see what your wedding will look like, you've been dreaming about this your whole life!" So you can imagine the shockwave it sent through people when, 58 days later, Facebook read "Payton Busskohl Married Braydon Busskohl, Today, July 31st, 2017" and pictures were posted from our parents' and grandparents' iPhones as our guest list was a whopping 25 (parents, grandparents, and siblings).

So you may be wondering: but wait, if you love weddings so much and have been dreaming of yours for all these years, why wouldn't you go all out? Well, my friends, remember earlier on in this passage when I made a reference to every self-diagnosed wise person in our lives that tells us "Doing what you love hardly makes it seem like work?"

Because I have chosen to make a career of planning weddings, I know just as much as anyone else who has ever planned a wedding—WEDDINGS ARE STRESSFUL.

I would like to conclude with a single statement. It is a statement that each person can take in their own way and run with it in whatever direction the wind takes them, and that statement is: Bringing pleasure into business is a key to happiness, but bringing business into pleasure is sure to bring disaster to that happiness you once held. Advance at your own risk.

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