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The Top 10 Ways a Millionaire Spends Their Time

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By Mark RodenhauserPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
The Top 10 Ways a Millionaire Spends Their Time
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No matter how much money you have, time is still a scarce resource. Even if you’re a millionaire, you probably don’t have as much time as you’d like. So how do wealthy people spend their time? Are they all jet-setting around the world, taking luxury vacations and attending extravagant parties? Do they spend their time worrying about bills and other financial stresses? While these activities are part of life for many people, the top 10 ways that millionaires spend their time are quite different from most other people. Anyone can increase their chances of being a millionaire someday by spending less than they earn, saving regularly, investing intelligently and giving generously. These principles help anyone become financially secure — regardless of income level or net worth. Here are the top 10 ways a millionaire spends their time:

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Pursue Wealthy Pastimes

If you’re not spending time pursuing your financial goals, you’re probably not going to become wealthy. Spending time in activities that make you happy is the key to financial success. If you want to increase your chances of becoming wealthy, you need to find activities that are both enriching and provide you with energy. Some of these would be spending time with your family, going on vacation, participating in sports, playing an instrument, or spending time with a good friend. Try to find things that provide you with energy, so you’re not sitting around all day long bored.

Read For Learning

Reading has a lot of benefits for the mind and the wallet. It gives you insight into other people’s lives and lets you establish trustworthy relationships. It gives you knowledge that can help you make better decisions in your life and business. Reading is also a great way to practice logical thinking and recognize patterns in life and business. Most importantly, take action on the lessons you discover while reading and use them in your learning path to becoming a millionaire.

Travel For Exercise

Traveling is a great way to get some exercise and get some culture into your life. Seeing different places and experiencing different cultures can help you understand the other person’s culture better and make you a more balanced person in general.

Invest For Retirement

The top 10 ways that millionaires spend their time might surprise you. Many people think that by spending their money quickly, they are depriving themselves of important experiences or activities. While this is true to a certain extent, it’s also important to make time for activities that will enrich your life and help you save for retirement. You need to remember to build a stable, and healthy, nest egg when you're ready to retire, whether that is when you're 65 or you achieve early financial freedom.

Help Others By Giving Away Anything You’ve Earned So Far

If you’ve made it to the millionaire stage, the number one way that people approach you will be to ask you for money. However, the number one thing you need to say no to is money. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t give away money, including that it will come back to haunt you and that it might not be the right thing to do at this time. You can still help others without giving away part of your earnings, although you might have to be more selective about the things you choose to give away.


Spend time with the people that love you, especially those that make you happy. Spend time with those who are rich too, it will help you get rich too.


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