The Real Struggle of Adult Life

by Katia Ashe 🖤 about a year ago in career

The struggle is so real.

The Real Struggle of Adult Life

We go through most of our lives with not very many stresses and having parents take care of you.

My parents taught me young about how to pay my bills and work a full time job while going to school. I've been doing the adulting thing since I was 14-years-old. Although, I still do receive some help from my family when times are tough. But when is time going to ever stop being tough? The poor people can never catch a break.

I went to college twice and have two different associate's degrees. I thought those would help me get into a good reliable job. Last year, I thought I was on the right track with being placed in a state job as a temporary worker. My temp position, which was originally only supposed to be ten weeks, ended up lasting over a year and two months. I thought I had a good chance of a full time job with them or at least a good reputation to continue working for the state. Unfortunately, my hard work and dedication has not paid off yet. No one else has hired me.

Since May, I have applied for at least 120 different jobs, whether it be with the state, financial institution, or any kind of fast food restaurant. I was getting NOTHING! I interviewed with around ten of the places that I applied for and continued to get the "NO." I ended up giving up and going into one of the fast food restaurants I used to work for in high school. They hired me on the spot thankfully, because I cannot go without a job for any extended amount on time. But when does it ever get easier? I feel confident and kick ass at these interviews and they still don't choose me.:(

Why do poor people and the people that are struggling continue to get knocked down? I am in major debt because I cannot afford to live or eat. And I will never get out of this debt if I continue to struggle.

What has society come to? They claim that you need a college education in order to qualify for any job, but I have more education requirements than most people I've met that work in the position that I want and I still can't even get a job as their receptionist. :(

Society blows. College is a scam. People are judgemental. You have to know people in order to get a good job anywhere. And then you wonder why so many people struggle with depression or anxiety...

Katia  Ashe 🖤
Katia Ashe 🖤
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