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The power of the night-time photos

Nighttime photography gives a big impact on a photographer

By Manik RoyPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
The power of the night-time photos
Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Unsplash

When you are thinking about the night-time photo with the phone, then you have to think differently. The reason is that night-time photography with DSLR is quite different from nighttime photography with a smartphone. Practically the smartphone photography is portable and very much light weighted for carrying. But in the case of DSLR, it is rather bulky needs always some kind of firm support for taking a photo shot for a shake-free outcome. But one thing is sure that you will always need some kind of photography apps on your smartphone. For smartphone photography at night time, you will require a special mode, Night Mode or Time Lapse Mode. These two modes have different functions as well. Night mode will allow you to take the sharp picture at night with pre-programmed settings and the Time-Lapse mode will you need when you are going to shot at star dubbed night sky. For it, you will need a stable tripod with a long exposure which may take more than one hour as well.

When you are going to shoot the night sky, then you have to check whether the atmosphere is clear without any fuzziness along with the photo line also. It is observed that at night time photography, a photographer should have unlimited patience due to the enigma of night sky behaviours. Practically, the nighttime sky is unpredictable for any photography due to its mysterious behaviour also. One another thing you should keep in your mind is that you have to measure the speed of wind at the time of night p[hotography. The reason is that at night the sensor and camera lens becomes so sensitive due to the opacity of light intensity. If the wind blows harshly, then the stability of tripod and lens sensitivity will face a tremendous challenge as well. Therefore, cool and stable wind speed (not more than 6 KM per hour) will give you excellent nighttime photography also.

During nighttime photography, you should take light dinner which will give you decent body happiness and comfort. The reason is that during the long exposure time, you need to be stable and cool, otherwise you will not get your expected result due to the unstable body health during night time as well. If you try to use the manual setting of your smartphone for nighttime photography, then you will require the precise setting for an accurate shot which you can easily achieve with your DSLR camera. It is very much important proposition for every photographer to check the weather report during the night time as it always comes handy when the situation needs.

For any decent night-time photography a 16 MP smartphone camera is enough and also you have to download some photography apps from Google Play and Apple Store as well. Night-time photography is indeed more challenging for a photographer than daytime photography due to the low light at night. But you will accept that the happiness from your nighttime photo you will get due to the mystery and enigma of black dark atmosphere which rise our awe to its outcome which never finds in day time photography. Since nighttime photography with a smartphone is concerned, it develops more patience, consistency, persistence, perseverance and accuracy in the photographer as well.

It is true that if you regularly shoot the nighttime scene, then you will observe that your concentration will increase because you will need extra care for photographic composition due to a lack of daytime light power. Moreover, you will find that the concept of details will also increase in the photographer’s mind. When you will shoot at night time, then you will find that finding the horizon is very much difficult because the foreground and background blend at night due to low light presence. Even the camera metering sometimes gets difficult to focus properly. For solving this problem, just focus on the infinity, then your nightscape picture will come great also.

Overall more you shoot a nighttime picture, the more you will be skilled at photography as well.


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