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The mind mesmerised by the music

By Zarinabanu ZarinabanuPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Start writing... Tamil music that makes the stone mind mineral! Enriching the senses of the language with musical notes and uniting with the way of life, the songs from the lullabies to the last bath of life, our Tamil music is the first music in the world! Enriching music with language and enriching it with songs of faith, today our Tamil music has flourished and flourished. Where there is heartfelt music there will be no room for vassals.Feast for the ears .. Clarity of thought .. Promotion at a relaxed time .. Comfort in times of distress.. excitements in happy times..impress in all respects Music is one thing!In the absence of language, we see the child lulled to sleep, the dragon enticed to the crown, the lover longing, the crop growing outside the field, and the medicine for the disease. No other art has a history of being as captivating as music.The use of music in contemporary medical practices is numerous. Mainly used especially in psychiatry and for special children in need of mental development. Not only trying to sing or listening to a song, but also reading the rhythms on one's instrument and following it in front of the patients gives deep control and relief to those who have pain in one's limbs.In the history of ancient Tamil music, which belongs to the Tamils, the mother of Tamil music, Karaikkal Amma yar, Thevara Moovar Upper, Sundararajan, Gnanasamba dark, Thiruvasakam Thantha Manikkavasagar, Sirkazhi Tamil Music Trio There is proof of solution.Hope in the lyrics gets good quality when it comes to music form. Among these are the devotional music lineage born in Sirkazhi.The healing properties of the essential oils, have long been known in ancient times.In addition to the songs in the movies at one time the protagonists sang important life philosophies and ideas in them in an attempt to bring a good mood to the entertainment through music. Devotional juice, love juice, sad juice, comedy, heroism, as well as the expressions of the navarasattinum that the movies brought to the community a remedy!Most of the songs in today's Tamil movie have no Tamil, no music and no ideas for the fans to realise. Many films do not have songs.We can feel that music permeates every part of our body movement. Our pulse was one of the first to realize the regulation of human rhythmic rhythm in the beginning. The breathing system is what he got to feel the expression of the air and the flute-like musical instrument. It can be seen that the heartbeat of man is regulated by man in a variety of rhythmic styles.Realizing all this, the man raised his voice and sang music, adding words to the song, in particular, our Tamils made music part of the language. That is why our human race still cherishes talented music as a special feature, a gift from God.The respect given to Tamil music traditions is immense. This is due to its legacy of flawless discipline and polite training methods. Those given by the people of Chennai. How many kinds of music do they hear in a single month through music festivals!If you look at the use of music today, it is the ‘December season’ every year, with hundreds of congregations in Chennai, crowded in a single month, with the thrill of the snow.We see the Sabhas performing as well as thousands of concerts. In this crowd, we see the performances of many good artists and the huge music fan crowd scattered here and there. Other than that, ‘some opportunities for many talented artists and many opportunities for some other passionate artists’We can clearly see what is being offered. Many talented expatriate and expatriate artists are left without opportunities here.Opportunities for healthy music development should be disseminated and music festivals should be widely distributed in all the major cities of Tamil Nadu, exposing young music genres, inspiring young talents and paving the way for newcomers.There is no such thing as a music festival in the countryside, it is celebrated as a music festival in the countryside. The public there should listen to music from Vidya Vidya and presently the users should come forward to conduct it voluntarily.All the artists will enthusiastically participate in the Thiyagaraja Worship Ceremony at Thiruvaiyar. My father Sirkazhi Govindarajan is a volunteer secretary there. Musicians get spiritual strength if they go there.

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