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The Instagram Bio Is Replacing The Business Card

Business cards are becoming somewhat obsolete, while an Instagram presence is becoming necessary for businesses to grow and succeed.

By Rhys McIntyrePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

I remember the days when every business owner carried a stack of crisp business cards at all times, ready to dish them out at a moment's notice.

There was a time when this was the most widely accepted way to exchange information. A simple trade — business card for business card — could facilitate a life long relationship.

Super simple. Name and/or company name, contact info, address, and maybe some extra info or a tagline. That’s about it.

People seemed to really enjoy the whole development and design process as well. I would often see businesses still in their pre-launch phase with the most incredible looking business cards developed, and printed. Its always a shame to see those super sleek silver foil cards worth $2 a pop go to waste when the company goes under.

Piece of advice — Don’t jump the gun on printing 5000 business cards before your business has been established. Regardless of how sweet that Vista Print package deal is…

Now don’t get me wrong, I know there are people who still love to use business cards. I do understand the value. A nice clean, easy access tangible object that can be handed out. Makes sense!

What I am saying however, is that the Instagram bio is becoming incredibly valuable and effective as a first impression/point of contact for businesses.

Nowadays, people are exchanging Instagram handles instead of business cards. Instead of looking for that crumpled up piece of cardboard — hop on Instagram, find their account with the click of a button, and peruse at your leisure.

Modern day society is ALL ABOUT CONVENIENCE. Instagram provides just that for people looking to check out a business.

So what happens when someone visits a profile?

Well, the first thing they are going to see is the account bio.

Those 160 characters that greet visitors when they land on your page are so incredibly important. A lot of people don’t fully understand the magnitude of this seemingly small section.

Think about it this way. When you visit a website you are greeted first by the homepage right?

Now if this homepage isn’t organized properly and can’t provide you with the information you are looking for, or at least direct you seamlessly to the right place to find such information, you probably wont be inclined to stay.

This is true for an Instagram bio as well. Think of it like the homepage for your brand, the front door to your business.

When someone lands on your page, they want to know WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM. Assume that everyone is selfish.

Your Instagram bio is where you present your shortened pitch. This is where you tell the world exactly how you can help them.

What problem do you solve? What pain points are you addressing? What is the solution you are bringing forth?

Nobody wants to know how many pets you have or what your favorite nightcap is. Nobody wants to know how many nieces and nephews you have.

I may be wrong in some instances, but 95% of the time, NOBODY GIVES A SH*T. Stop letting trivial information take up such crucial real estate.

Harsh? Yes maybe, but it’s the truth.

Keep your Instagram bio concise and to the point. Kind of like a business card, with more room to run!! Use this space to tell people what problem you can solve for them. This is very important.

I will save the in-depth breakdown/guide to a stellar Instagram bio for another article…

The point here is, business cards are gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Instagram accounts have become an incredible place for businesses to share content, gain exposure, and create momentum within their industries.

With that being said, your IG bio is like a welcome mat at the front door. If it doesn’t attract and intrigue, visitors are much less likely to enter and interact!

And if you know anything about online sales and marketing, you know that inte raction and engagement is KEY.

Thanks for reading!

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