The Instagram Algorithm Part 2: Growth Tips

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5 Really good tips about Instagram no "Guru" wants to spill

The Instagram Algorithm Part 2: Growth Tips
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The Instagram Algorithm Part 2: Growth Tips

Welcome back to my “Instagram Algorithm” Series! If you are a newcomer, welcome aboard! In this section of my series I will be talking about growth tips and tricks I’ve learned, some may work for you some may not. I highly suggest trying each tip for 3-5 posts and seeing which ones work best though. One post isn’t going to give you answers.

1) Don’t Post At Optimal Times

You heard me lol. Instead post the Pacific time of your “top engagement time” on your insights. I learned that Instagram’s algorithm is based in the Pacific time zone, hence why I did this a few times on accident and was curious to see that I got a lot more engagement at 12 pm rather than at 3pm in which my insights originally suggested.

2) Make An Eye – Catching Caption

When I say this I mean make the caption a story. Use a title to capture the audience’s attention then tell them what the story is about. Usually for my posts I tend to start a caption in a bold font and then end it with the body paragraph in Instagram’s set font. A website I use to do this is called, it’s also free. You type what you want to say and it gives you a whole list of what you typed in every font imaginable. I am aware there are “font apps” where you can use those and implement them into your phones keyboard but I’ve never tried them.

3) Use Your Name and Bio To Market Yourself

The first thing I want you to do is go to Instagram, go on open the app, and type in “Content Creator” then hit accounts. You will notice that every account that has

“content creator” in their name popped up. This is a marketing tactic. When brands, employers, an audience, or other officials want to find a type of person or niche account, they type in keywords their desired field is in. In your Name Put Your name/ account name, and what your account is about. The niche. It could be real estate, makeup reviewer, autumn aesthetic board ect. Then, use your bio to tell your audience where you are based/ who you are, and what your account can provide them with.

4) Add Something Controversial or Tell a Story

The best way to get people to engage with your content is to add controversy or tell a story. These two things spark emotion and get people talking.

5) Engage with others. Period.

The one thing everyone wants but doesn’t like to give. Engagement.

The best time to engage is 30 minutes after you post. Not with your own followers but with other accounts in your own niche. Comment meaningful comments under their posts, ones that spark controversy or genuine ones that people scrolling through comments can side with. Another thing to do is reach out to the followers of the niche accounts you are engaging with. Find one of their posts and click “likes” this will give you a list of the people who liked that post. Go through a few people on that list and add meaningful comments and like 3-4 of their posts. That will get you noticed. It’s a good tactic especially if your engagement through followers is low.

This is all I have for today, check back for more parts of the series soon! Tata.

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