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The Frog Spirit

Seducing spirit among Men called the Frog

By ALBERT MUSHIEPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
The Frog Spirit
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Spiritual discernment is crucial in navigating the complexities of the Christian journey. The world is full of spirit and the inability to identify what kind of spirit in operation is detrimental to the Christian life. Two distinct spirits, the Frog Spirit and Seducing Spirit works hand in hand, very fragile and subtle yet a destructive influences. Understanding their characteristics , nature and identifying their manifestations is essential for believers success and how he can navigate his way out of life.

1. The Frog Spirit (Exo 8:3-9; Rev 16:13-14; Ps 78:45):

Frogs, belonging to the amphibian class, operate on both land and water. Their presence symbolizes contamination and uncleanness. A poisonous amphibian though fragile but dangerous but the spirit of frog is more deadly than a physical frog. As their skin is often moist with mucus, which keeps them from drying up, so are their spiritual nature.

Wherever they are found snake are easily common , like wherever the frog spirits are found, satanic manifestations are easily seen . Identifying the Frog Spirit involves recognizing certain traits:

Contamination: Frogs thrive in impure waters, signifying their intent to corrupt. Any environment where they found themselves they corrupt it. One with the frog spirit can contaminate all congregation with their influence. Their fellowship seeks to contaminate and corrupt individuals (Rev 18:2-4; Mark 1:26).

Proliferation in Contamination: Frogs multiply in polluted environments, creating a cage of uncleanness (Rev 18:2). They breed more where corruption exists, emphasizing their destructive nature. Can corrupt a godly environment with hours.

Destruction of Holy Symbolism: Frogs seek to corrupt symbols of purity, like the living water, which represents the Holy Ghost. They bring death, unpleasant smells, and sin into places they inhabit. their influence of corruption affect everything within the water and it begins to still and accommodates all other kind s of infectious animals and reptiles and insects capable of destroying the living waters.

False Bragging: Frogs boast about their environment, claiming it is good while it remains corrupted. Their noise distracts from the truth that the river of life is clean (Rev 22:1; John 7:38). They make so much noise to announce their presence, causing nuisance every, an environment that is not conducive for the spirit of God to thrive until clean up is conducted. if frogs are allowed they die in the same water and others don't care.

2. Seducing Spirit (1 Tim 4:1-2; Rev 20:10):

As the frog eyes turns around so their eyes are everywhere and looking for ways to corrupts and environment that is not secured enough, they easily jump and infest there.

As slippery as the frogs are so are the mouth of the false prophets are. The end time spirit operating as false prophets are termed as frogs.

The Seducing Spirit, a tool of the devil, employs deception and false doctrines to mislead believers. Understanding this spirit involves recognizing key characteristics:

Doctrine of Lies: The Seducing Spirit introduces doctrines founded on lies, deceiving many. It promotes teachings contrary to the gospel, leading people away from the truth. They are epitome of destruction and corrupt so nothing good can proceeds from them. Sweet in their utterances yet false.

Historical Influence: The Nicolaitanes, followers of Nicolas, propagated unrestrained indulgence, practicing adultery and consuming things sacrificed to idols. This historical context helps unveil the spirit's influence (Rev 2:6, 14-16).

Doctrines of demons: The devil teaches through various doctrines. The New Age movement serves as a contemporary platform for spreading these demonic teachings.

False Teachings: Doctrines include denying Jesus as the only way to salvation, questioning His physical death, and disputing His deity. These false teachings aim to divert believers from the true gospel.

Lying Wonders: Seducing spirits accompany their doctrines with lying wonders, captivating and leading people astray (2 Thess 2:9-11).


In the spiritual realm, the Frog Spirit and Seducing Spirit represent corruption, contamination, subtle yet potent adversaries. Recognizing their characteristics and manifestations is crucial for believers seeking discernment. The battle against these spirits primarily unfolds in the spiritual realm, emphasizing the importance of prayer and spiritual warfare. As believers strive for spiritual discernment, they can confront these spirits and overcome the stress, depression, and conflicts they may cause.


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